Friday, April 05, 2013

Mega Quake Watch

Last years mega-quakes hit on 4/11/2012,
the year before that the Japan mega-quake hit on 3/11/2011.
And the year before that the Chile mega-quake hit on 2/27/2010.

If you look at these past 3 years the date keeps creeping ahead of the quake the year before.  Looking at this pattern we should draw a large neon circle around 4/11 this year and extend that circle at least 30 days out to 5/11/2013.  Why?  Last years mega-quake was 30 days later than the quake the year before.  It might come even later this year if the time after each quake creeps forward again.

Do we have reason to expect another mega-quake this year?  You bet we do.  Have you seen that Arkansas town with rivers of oil flowing through it this week?  What happened?  Another underground pipeline burst.  Why?  Earth movement.  You mean like the earth movement causing all the sinkholes worldwide?  Yea, like that.  And what's causing the earth movement?  Something outside the earth in space.  Like what?  Open the book of Revelation to chapter 8 and read about the things falling from the sky...something like that.  Or read chapter 6, seal 6 where we see language of a pole shift taking place, whatever causes that is causing what we see every year in our multi-year quake pattern.

What did the Lord say?  He never does anything without revealing it to His prophets.  This writer does not claim to be a prophet but I have been impressed by the Lord to pay attention to these particular events occurring year after year.  They are a warning for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.

grace and peace