Friday, April 18, 2014

Update 4.18.2014

I ask the Lord often if I should write something, and lately the answer is no.  What has the Lord spoken to this servant?  We are to walk and talk with our God on a daily basis, building our relationship with Him.  All the rest of the stuff going on around us including the lunar tetrad etc is background and or noise relative to what is at the forefront of the Lord's mind and heart today.

According to the clear impression made on this writer's spirit, what is on the Lord's mind and heart today are very simple.  We were created to praise and worship Him.  We have an eternal purpose here that starts and ends with Him.  He is the focus.  He wants our attention, now.  Thats it.

It is this writers guess that the Spirit has halted all other writing here to strip back all distractions or less important messages.  There is one and only one message coming through right now, focus on Him.

grace and peace