Saturday, August 19, 2017

Get Ready For 2018?

The Lord has given this writer 3 different sources of warning one for the number "18" and two for the year 2018.  2 sources were external (2018), one was internal (18).  Because this time, this writer has been impressed, in person by the Spirit of the Lord about "18" I am passing the warning on to you.  This warning just happens (not coincidentally) to coincide with what is being called the great American eclipse of 2017.  This warning also coincides with multiple warnings from the Lord that current American troubles are linked both to 1.  America turning away from the Lord and 2. removing supply and support from Israel (per Isaiah 3:1).  Both 1, and 2 are directly linked to prophetic fulfillment of Luke 21:20 and everything else written in the book of Revelation.

As you may know by now the Lord is very stingy when it comes to information having to do with time or timing.  What is going to happen?  No idea, but judging from the recent blood moon and coming solar eclipse (which are combined with the blood moons and eclipse of 2014-2015, and the Shemitah and Jubilee cycle warnings) its highly likely to be very bad for this world. 

Another pertinent fact relating to timing, the Lord's renewed emphasis with this writer on fasting, praying and staying in the Word that began 3-4 weeks ago.  We have hit a nexus in time where the Lord is most certainly warning and encouraging us who believe to be doing what we already know we should be doing.  We should be watching and ready for whatever it is the Lord has in mind for the days ahead, and especially something to do with "18" which may end up being 2018.