Monday, August 07, 2017

Get Ready, Get Right, Be Watching

1 Peter 4:7 But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.

It is becoming more clear by the day that the end of all things is near.  Take this story for example:

'Mark of the beast?' Microchipping employees raises apocalyptic questions

Note with me that they bring in the spiritual 'expert' to downplay the chipping.

Or how about this video:

Urgent 2017: Rebuilding The Third Temple is beginning.

According to this video ^^ it looks like a reasonable case has been made that the third temple can be rebuilt at any time because the dome of the rock is not the site the temple was built on.....

Last but not least the Lord has stirred this nobody's heart that it is time to renew or drive deeper into our prayer lives.  It is time to fast, pray and get back into the Word in earnest.  This writer has no idea when exactly the Lord is coming back for us but this writer does know the stirring of the Spirit of the Lord.

Frightful times are ahead, we don't need any more evidence of that than what is happening all around us on a daily basis.  People are ready to kill each other, Christianity and Judaism are being roundly criticized as 'outdated' concepts that need to be done away with the bring in peace and security for all.  "If only we were all more inclusive" they say.  What do they mean?  Light needs to have communion with darkness.  That's what they are really saying.  They want us to accept Biblical abominations and every other anti-Christ concept you can think of in the name of global unity.  Is that going to happen?  Sadly, for many the answer is yes.

Why are they flooding formerly Christian countries with Muslims?  Why the push for  acceptance of every sexually deviant practice under the sun?  Why are they so obsessed with dissolving national boundaries?  They want their one world satanic order.  None of this is revolutionary, the All Knowing One told us this would happen thousands of years ago and the pieces are falling in place exactly as He told us they would.

On one hand this could be considered alarming.  On the other hand our God does not make mistakes.  You and I are here exactly because we were created to be here right now in this day and age.  It is no mistake, according to His perfect plan we are here to do what it is He has called us to do.  What are we to do?

Fast, pray, stay in the Word.  And when the Spirit of the Lord stirs us to do something, do it.  That's it.  He never told us what we had to do was difficult to understand.  It may be difficult to do (it is) but it is not difficult to understand.  Every one of us who is called by His name knows with certainty what we are supposed to be doing (fast, pray, stay in the Word).  If we do these simple things, the Spirit of the Lord will lead us into the rest. 

It is time to get back to the basics.  It is time to do the things we know we should be doing but due to the thousand and one other things to do in this life we have let the important things slip.  We do serve a merciful and loving God who is now telling this servant who is now telling you to get your spiritual house in order.  This nobody has no idea when things are going to happen but we all know what is going to happen.  We were told thousands of years ago and now it is all happening.  In His love and mercy He has given us this preparatory order: get ready, get right, be watching.

grace and peace