Monday, October 09, 2017

Everything Is Not Okay, and the Coast is Not Clear

Now that the 40 day warning from 8/21 through Yom Kippur has been completed, it is time for delivery on the warning.  Has the Lord already delivered on His warning?  Yes, but only in part.  The worst mass shooting in United States history that took place in Las Vegas the day after the warning period ended, was not the end of what is coming...

The Spirit of the Lord is on this writer to tell you the coast is not clear and there will be no returning to "business as usual."  As it was written here before, this writer received some personal warnings about what is coming and so far those warnings have no been delivered upon.  What are you talking about brother?  The hand of the Almighty has been upon this writer to impress that we need to be ready for what is coming.

I have a hard time explaining exactly what this impression is upon my spirit but my best shot at it is:

1.  We have not been released to go back to 'business as usual' watching and readiness.  So, we were on high watch for the Feast of Trumpets and we are to stay at a higher rate of alert than usual?

2.  The Spirit of the Lord has gone out of His way to impress upon this writer that ?all is not well?, ?we need to continue to watch and be ready on high alert? ?something else is coming that is going to really, really not be good?  The only way to describe it well is His hand is heavy upon this writer's heart and spirit in a way, and for a length of time now that has not been experienced in a lifetime.  There is something the Spirit of the Lord is pointing to in the future that we need to be prayed up for, and ready for.  There is no special day, or Feast or anything else like that the Spirit is pointing to-we just need to be ready.

3.  This writer has tried to go back to 'business as usual' watching and readiness and the Lord is not having it.  There is something coming and He wants us ready for it.  As usual, speaking of times and dates does not apply, timing is the Lord's alone.

It is probably not explained well but hopefully you get the idea.  The Lord is clearly stating in no uncertain terms that the coast is not clear, and no we are not all set to go back to business as usual.  The work given to this writer is to make sure that I am praying, fasting, staying in the Word and to pass the same message on to you.  Whatever this is, it is serious.  Be ready.

grace and peace