Monday, October 02, 2017

New Year For Trees 2018

This writer was given specific personal warning about 2018

Brother Blitz just put out an excellent video about the new year for the trees (Rosh Hashanah for the trees..Tu B'shvat)

Listen to what this brother is telling us and combine it with everything else we have been seeing.  What's coming in 2018?  3 more blood moons on significant Hebrew calendar days.  When is the next Tu B'Shvat?  Looks like its in January, 2018 (Torah Calendar places it in early Feb 2018) .   

So what?  So, in His mercy the Lord has gone out of His way to warn us before everything that has happened and is about to happen.  Blood moons in 2014-2015 was a warning.  The great American eclipse was a warning.  The re-emergence of the Shemitah cycle was a warning.  The coming blood moons in 2018 are a warning.  The personal warnings some of us have received are a warning.  Warning of what?  Again, no need to predict anything.  What is going to happen is exactly what the Almighty told us would happen.  Our job is not to predict it, He already did that.  Our job is to watch and be ready: 1. because He told us to always be watching and praying and 2. because we take His warnings seriously.

grace and peace