Wednesday, June 24, 2020


We do not know the day or hour our Lord will come back for us but we do know enough to watch for the signs that signal a change of seasons.  We have written posts outlining some of the signs and signals that have been given to us to pay attention to the season we are living in now:

2014-2015 lunar tetrad: add 7 years=2021/2022
The great American eclipse in August 2017-add 3.5 years=2021
Revelation 12 sign in the sky, September 2017-add 3.5 years=2021
Regardless of who gets elected president, add 4 years=2024

enemy signs and signaling:

2014 Christine Lagards weird "7" speech, add 7 years=2021
2020 Launch of the globalist's scamdemic and economic collapse plan
2021 If Trump wins election Kerry says expect unrest/revolution unlike anything we have seen yet.
2020/2021 Major push to chip and track all of us through health crisis/vaccines.

Solar Cycles -Grand solar minimum-heading into it right now.  Earthquakes, famines, disease, war.

Is this world about to enter the time of Jacob's trouble very very soon?  Only the Lord knows but we are not unaware of the signs and signals we see all around us on planet earth today.  If Trump gets re-elected the globalists are promising a scorched earth policy much like Hitler tried to implement when he realized he was losing the war. 

We only have 3 months or so until the election and regardless of how it plays out the globalists are promising us "heads we win/tails you lose."  More than ever we need to be seeking the face of our Lord in prayer and fasting to deliver us from the evil facing us on earth today.

grace and peace