Saturday, June 13, 2020

Hope For America

While the enemy and his servants throw the book of dirty tricks at America (and the rest of the world), look at what the Lord is doing.  This brother in the video below was removed from Europe (Denmark) and sent by the Lord to America.  You will not see any 'pastors' or 'laymen' in this video.  This is what the Church should look like.  The Body of Christ (you and me) are not 'laymen' we are fully empowered by the Spirit of the Lord to do what Jesus did.  That fact is absolutely devastating to the Babylonian style churchianity we see all around us.  Babylonian Christianity has a corporate styled CEO (pastor) with lots of other underlings running around under his/her thumb with (supposedly) all the 'real' gifts of the spirit wrapped up in the CEO (pastor).  That is the sin of the Nicolaitins the Lord said He hates.

Rev 2
14Nevertheless, I have a few things against you: There are some among you who hold to the teaching of Balaam, who taught Balak to entice the Israelites to sin so that they ate food sacrificed to idols and committed sexual immorality. 15Likewise, you also have those who hold to the teaching of the Nicolaitans. 16Repent therefore! Otherwise, I will soon come to you and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth.

Laitin=the 'laity' or 'lay people', you and me....

The Body has all the gifts within the true Church to do each and every thing our Lord did.  If the Spirit in our Lord is the same Spirit within us, that makes a lot of sense.  In this video you will see believers filled with the Holy Spirit almost immediately going to work in the power of the Spirit to pray for others, set captives free etc.  The Church is not some dead and dying corporate structure where people go to rot in their seat one to three times per week.  The Lord is very active in the midst of the enemy's attack on this world.

Brother Torben did not comment on this but this servant realized his plan is to visit some of the enemies stronghold's first in his trip around the country (next stop Chicago).  Look at the people out there in this video, there is life where the Spirit of the Lord is.  In a dead and dying world this servant cannot think of anything more attractive.  When the presence and power of our Lord show up, it is truly life changing.  Nothing compares with it.

Anyway, take a look at this video-this is what the Church should look like:  alive, living, breathing, acting, doing, full of life, light and power.  When the Lord is moving like He is in this video example, the enemy should be very worried....Glory to God!

Video here.

grace and peace