Sunday, February 27, 2022

Another X Formed Over America

 The servant who writes to you discovered another X the Lord has placed over America:

This ^^^^ X is a second X formed in addition to the first one (below) which was started in 2017:

The Lord is trying to tell us something and the message is coming through loud and clear.  He did not stop with the Xs, He also impressed upon His servants the importance of utilizing their talents (now) because time is short.  That message has been repeated since the beginning of the corona-scam but was emphasized over new years 2021-2022.

The signs are everywhere.  The signals are everywhere.  We do not have indefinite time to do whatever and that fact has been driven home by the Lord Himself.  More proof that time is short is what Mr. Joe B and his criminal cohort are doing overseas.  If anyone thinks drawing that large armed to the teeth country that starts with an "R" into war is a good idea they better think again.  Nobody wins that conflict its a lose/lose.  "They" need this conflict to draw attention away from the crimes against humanity they have inflicted on the world for the past two years or so.  So, they pile kill, steal and destroy on top of kill, steal and destroy to "turn the page" on what they have done.

Big problem for these people is the Judge who cannot be bribed or threatened is taking detailed notes and all accounts will be settled.  Believe that.  

This post needs to end here but the message has been sent.  Take a close look at the pictures above then consider what is going on in the world around you and understand what time it is.  We know what we should be doing because the Lord God has been telling us for years now.  It has been emphasized here and it is being emphasized again right now.  Get to work.  Whatever that thing in you is that gift or talent deposited in you by the Lord God, that needs to be put to work and or developed.  There is no more "i'll do it tomorrow" tomorrow is already accounted for do it now.  Pray, fast, stay in the Word building yourself up in the faith as the Spirit leads you.

The message is: time is short-get to work.

Glory to God

Grace and peace