Tuesday, August 30, 2022

26 Days and Counting

 Today when this servant was driving home from work, a billboard sign was noticed on the side of the highway.  The sign was paid for by FEMA and what it said was "If you can plan a wedding, you can plan for a natural disaster."  A double take was required to be sure that is what the sign actually said.

What we are watching for is the unexpected return of the Lord for us, the Church.  Why is this an unexpected return?  The Bridegroom is coming back for His Bride...for a wedding.  When the Bride is pulled out this world is going to enter a time of trouble unseen from the beginning of the world.  "Natural disasters" is an understatement of what is coming for this world.

The Jewish wedding pattern fits precisely with the pattern of our Lord leaving to prepare a place for us then coming back when the Father says it is ready.  There is a really good chance 2022 could be the year believers from previous ages were looking forward to.  What if the Lord does descend to the clouds this year and with a shout call His Church up?  We need to be watching and ready in this season.  We were told to always be watching but in this season we need to turn that dial up to 100.

If "nothing" happens except prophesy continues to be fulfilled daily before our eyes, we continue to do what we were told to do.  This is not complicated.  If this is the season the Lord comes back for us, wow :-).  We plan to be ready for either.  We dont have long to wait to find out what happens.  

I found a picture of the sign I saw today, here it is:

Glory to God

Grace and Peace