Sunday, August 28, 2022

28 Days and Counting

 This post is an encouragement to watch and pray for the unexpected arrival of the Lord.  What is another reason to be watching and ready in this season?  War.  The satanic establishment needs a war to implement their "build back better" new world plan.  They dont just want a war they need it.  Why?  All of their socialistic/communistic lies are coming tumbling down on top of their heads and they need someone, anyone else to blame.  Thus we see untold billions funneled to a corrupt regime in Ukr.  We are also seeing positioning by China to take Taiwan.  

We know all of this is fact because the Joey B admin has been trying to pin the blame for every/any domestic problem on Vlad.  They take responsibility for nothing, "its all their fault."  Unfortunately for them people are waking up to the lies as the revealing grows day by day.  WW3 would be catastophic for all involved except (in their own minds) the psycopaths who are running the show in the west.  What they dont seem to understand is those two big countries with an "R" and "C" in their names dont want to be leveled to the ground and "built back better."  No, they would rather be the ones bringing the broom and dustpan to sweep up what is left of the wests own self immolation.

There are alot of moving parts to a war and our beloved leaders can barely complete a full sentence without a teleprompter so suffice it to say they are clueless to the full ramifications other than there would be alot of killing stealing and destroying which is good enough for them.  Also, "they" can see that without serious manipulation of the upcoming (s)election they will be wiped out.  That is of course unless some extraordinary event allows them to either 1. cancel the (s)election or 2.  rig it as was done in 2020 with unlimited unaccountable mail in voting where the only limit to the number of "votes" their candidates can get is the paper mills ability to produce paper.

And with all this said lets remember it is not what the enemy wants to do thats important, it is what the Lord God has allowed them to do.  Do you think the Lord God knew forced poisoning of the population and WW3 were on the menu if the Joey B admin was allowed to pull of a (s)election steal?  You bet He did and He allowed it...Just as He put the brakes on the enemy agenda with Mr T in the white house, he allowed the flood gates to reopen with Joey B.

The Lord God does things, allows things in His own perfect time.  The enemy does not get to dictate when the events of revelation will play out that is the providence of the Almighty alone.  So, as you can see from today's post its just one more piece of evidence that should get our attention dialed up to 100 for the days ahead.  If the Lord comes back to the great surprise of the world, we will be found watching and ready.  If He should tarry we continue with all of the patience and perseverance the Spirit of the Lord provides.

Lets see what happens, we do not have long to wait!

Glory to God

Grace and Peace