Monday, January 30, 2023

1.30.23 If You Want to Eat, You Need to Pray

 The globalist war on humanity continues with one of the largest egg producers in the country burning down over the weekend.  Coincidentally Bill Gates does not want us eating meat or chicken eggs anymore.  You know, the same guy who has been trying to "de-carbonize" us as carbon based life forms.  So another day, another food producing plant burned to the ground and guess who is not raising the alarm?  The "good guys" in con-gress.  Supposedly these are the people who were supposed to rescue us from the demonic party.  Where is the alarm?  Where is call to protect our food supply?  Where is the money allocated to food supply security?  Where is activation of the national guard or whatever else needs to be done to protect our food supply.  If starving out a population is not a national security issue, what is?

But no, the silence is deafening.  The "good guys" have sold us down the river just as much as the demonic party has.  That could be a real problem if one did not have another source of supply.  We have promises this world does not have:

Ps 33

18Behold, the eye of the LORD is on those who fear him,
on those who hope in his steadfast love,
19that he may deliver their soul from death
and keep them alive in famine.

A politician is the lowest form of life found on planet earth.  All of the preachers and teachers telling us to "get out to vote" have been exposed as well.  How about this for a strategy?  Forget get out to vote and instead get down and pray.  The situation we find ourselves in is very similar to Israel back up against the Red Sea with Pharaoh and his chariots bearing down on them intent on slaughter.  Israel's answer was the Lord God.  Our answer will be the Lord God.  

Jer 17:5

This is what the LORD says: “Cursed is the one who trusts in man, who draws strength from mere flesh and whose heart turns away from the LORD.

The Lord has not counseled us to get worried, but we do need to get praying.  

Grace and peace