Monday, October 02, 2023

They Are Coming For Your Water....

 So the scamdemic and climate change scams are falling flat on their face so their next plan is to attack our water supply.  We need to pray for the Lord's protection over everything:

That the nazis/globalists will be defeated in Ukr.  All the plans/agendas/narratives of the globalists in that country come to nothing and they will be forced to sue for peace.

2.  For protection of our:

Food supply

Water supply

Electrical grid/Electricity/Power of all types

Gas/Diesel-this is how food gets to the stores that feed us

Internet/Communication Systems

Road and Rail networks

Physical infrastructure

3.  Dealing with the enemy's agendas, narratives and spiritual strongholds:



-Climate Change

-Gun control/false flag shootings

-Medical Tyranny

4.  Put an end to vote fraud/lies/cheating/stealing in our elections

5.  Remove wickedness from school boards

6.  That the Lord God will defeat Nazis and Communists everywhere around the world

7.  Deconstruction of the World Economic Forum and all of their plans, agendas and narratives

8.  Deconstruction of the United Nations and every other globalist institution whose ideology is anti-Christ

9  That the Lord will send fearless lions into the fight to defend us from the extreme far left globalist narcissist  psychopaths

10 pray that "orange man bad"/the honeybadger is protected and relentless in his war against the demonic establishment, fulfilling the Divine mission for which he was sent

11  That the Lord will prevent the great financial heist/theft/stealing the enemy plans to accomplish through "the great taking"

12  Protect our homes from the enemy's directed energy weapons that have now been used in Hawaii and California

13  Protect us from the enemy's chem war against humanity in the skies.

This is all out war that "they" havc declared on humanity.  We need to bring our prayer "A game" if we want to survive this assault by the satanic globalist far left narcissistic nazi/commie psychopaths.  This list is not comprehensive so everything and anything else that catches your attention needs to go on the list as well.  Pray it, then tell the Lord you stand in agreement with everyone else praying for the same/similar things, then dig into the Word and pray up every promise you can find that relates to what we are praying for.  If we do this, the enemy is going to get smoked.  If we don't, then shame on us...

Glory to God

grace and peace