Tuesday, October 10, 2023

We Need To Pray

 Isra## allowed what happened to happen.  There is a 0% chance an operation like that took place without them knowing well in advance.  The shocking footage broadcast 24/7 now is meant to get people to turn off their critical thinking.  We are not allowed to ask questions like "who benefits?" from what is taking place in the Middle East right now?  How long as Israel wanted the US to attack Ir## for them/with them?  What do the narcissistic psychopaths get out of all this?  

Why do we need to pray?  Because what is happening over there right now could happen over here later.  Remember that wide open border that the psychos have allowed untold thousands across for months/years now?  How many bad guys are now prepositioned in our cities now?  Remember "they" promised themselves that orange man bad would never be president again...Remember that X over America in April 2024?  Start connecting the dots...We are dealing with satanic psycopath nazi/commie narcissist far left freaks here.  Nothing else they have done has put a dent in orange mans popularity and his chances to win go up every day.  What do you think the Nazis are going to do about it?

What we are seeing in the Middle East today is part of their plan to do something about orange man.  If something really bad were to happen in America between now and election day 2024 that prevented OMB (orange man bad) from becoming president (like the false flag occuring overseas right now that ends up over here) they would just shrug their shoulders like they are doing now, call it an "intelligence failure", wave the flag a few times then proceed to do whatever they want (like they are doing now).  They count on the emotionally charged news footage to turn peoples brains off.

We have seen this coming for a long time now.  Not the precise headlines in the news but the general outlines of Nazis burning stuff down when they cant have it all to themselves.  So, we need to be down on our knees now praying that the Lord God Almighty put a full stop to the enemy false flags that are already underway and/or planned for the months ahead.  The horror footage that we are see coming out of Israel right now is what "they" would love for us here in America as well.  The invasion has already taken place over here thanks to Joey Diapers and friends, now we need an act of God to prevent them from doing to us what they did to Israel.

We need to pray if we dont want the psychopaths to have their way with our family, our friends and the people here that are acting like its business as usual while staring down the abyss.  It will take an act of God to stop this madness from spinning out of control.  Thankfully we who believe count on acts of God every day just to survive.  We have a God in heaven who hears prayer and will act if we ask Him.  The time for us and everyone else who prays to get down on our knees and implore the Lord God to save us from our enemies is now.

Glory to God

grace and peace