Thursday, May 08, 2008

Famine, Apocalypse, Bees

Survey: 36% of bee hives lost in U.S

What do the bees do? Not much EXCEPT pollinate 90-100% of 19 different fruits, nuts and vegetables that we consider staples of our diets. No bees, no pollination, no pollination, no food. I guess we'd be ok if the bees were the world's only problem, but consider the steady assault on the world's food supply: That huge hurricane that hit burma killing 100,000 recently, guess what, it flooded the most agriculturally active area of the country. Know what that means? It means in an already very poor country, where people were stuggling to eat before, now it guaranteed they will starve to death. While we spend mult-billions of dollars each month killing arabs, people are starving all over the world. While people are starving, satan's servants closing off all the escape routes to ensure that this world WILL depopulate by the millions. People are starving, and our government is subsidizing ethanol production. Why? Who needs gas for the car when there's no food for the mouth? Once again, so much for the idea that this is a "christian nation." Like all of today's babylonian apostianity, it's christian in name only. There are mega churches on every corner, yet this country is sliding deeper and deeper into every kind of wickedness. True christianity is salt and light. Salt preserves, it prevents spoil. This is more evidence for you that today's false churchianity is NOT SALT, it does not prevent spoil, in fact, it encourages rot. Turn back to your Creator today. His Spirit will teach you. There's no time left, the good that you've always wanted to do, but put off for another day, NEEDS TO GET DONE TODAY. Listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches (Rev 2-3). Grace and peace~D