Monday, May 12, 2008

How Close to the End Are We?

Devastating earthquake in China today, most violent in 30 years...

9,000 dead and counting

All out assaults on the bible and christianity: This weekend I saw a youtube video of some guy who is supposedly an expert at the aramaic language. He "pastors" a church and has come to the conclusion that when the bible is translated from aramaic it says something completely different from what we've come to believe (quick, act shocked!). The bottom line he says is that Jesus is not your redeemer, He did'nt die for your sins, He died because of your sins but not "for" them, in other words, no redemption. Blah, blah, blah. He says you have no reward in heaven, all your reward can be found here on earth! LET'S PARTY THEN! Not....What's the moral of this story? Satan is attacking from every direction, leaving no stone unturned in his all out end times assault. Those who are not firmly rooted, will be uprooted. Those who are just playing christianity will be tossing christianity before long. Those who deny Jesus is the Christ, are ANTICHRIST.

The signs are all around us, they are increasing in both frequency and intensity. In fact, the "birthpains" are basically so close together now that they are on top of one another? What does that mean? I'll let you figure it out...

Please remember me and all the brothers in your prayers. Grace and Peace