Friday, November 21, 2008

This is Not Global Economic Collapse?

I was reading someone's article recently and the point he makes is that we are not facing global economic collapse. I find that interesting. How does he know this is not the beginning of total economic meltdown? He says that there has to be an economic system during the tribulation so we could not be in 'meltdown' mode right now....I beg to differ.

If nothing else were to happen in the future, and we just took a snapshot of today and compared it to 1 year ago, we have already had a global economic meltdown, and its not even close to being finished. Listen to world leaders, they are calling for a new world order. To have a 'new' world order, the 'old' world order has to die. Every economic indicator you could name today is screaming the death of the 'old' world order.

To those people who say, "there have been economic problems in the past and this is no different", I say "you're blind." What we are facing today is so different from anything ever seen before I don't even know where to start. If you want a starting place for what makes today different, then look to the apostasy of the church. If thats not enough, then look up the term 'financial derivatives" and tell me the last crisis that we were in over our neck in trouble with them? When was the last crisis involving credit default swaps? Most people don't even know what those are, much less take them into account when coming to a conclusion of where we are from an economic standpoint.

There is every possibility that the birthpangs the world is going through right now are the birthpangs bringing forth the tribulation period. For anyone to say definitively that they are not is shortsighted at best, and a fool at worst. The Lord could tarry, but every sign, and every indicator that our eyes can see, our ears can hear, and our spirit can discern, tell us we are sitting directly in front of the tribulation period, just waiting for the Lord to start it.

A pot of water looks about the same while its heating from room temperature to boiling. Once the temperature reaches boiling, in a very short time, the pot boils over. If you can't feel the pot getting ready to boil over, I wonder who you are and where you live. A soldier in a combat zone does not need to be told to get down when he hears a shot or an incoming artillery round, they just do it. This world today resembles an artillery free fire zone where nobody bothers to duck. "Don't worry" so called christian leaders tell you, the noise is really loud, but artillery rounds won't hurt you......yea, ok.

Seems to me, that whether we have years left, or days, we should be living as each day is our last. This world is at the boiling point, when the water starts to boil over, there will be no warning, it will happen, and it will happen quickly with no warning. I advise you to be on guard, we watching, be ready, that's what the bible told us to do, that's what I plan to do. grace and peace