Monday, November 03, 2008

Tomorrow is the (S)election

I've said it before, it does'nt matter who wins, men can't and won't help you out of the mess this place is in. In spite of what Mccain says, he IS George W Bush and if he wins, we can just continue riding this train wreck of a nation into the ground. Obama is much worse than George Bush. The timing of his arrival on the political scene tells me theres something about this guy thats anti-christish (is that a word?) He may not be the anti-christ, but my thinking is that when/if obama gets in, he'll be hated WORSE than George Bush. That's really making a statement since GW is at the BOTTOM of all time unpopular presidents. I say these things to get to this, tomorrow is the beginning of the end. It does'nt matter who gets in, buckle your seat belts because things are about to go from bad to worse.

People by the MILLIONS are putting their FAITH in one or the other of these two MEN to change things for the better. IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN. Leave out Jesus Christ and you get what you deserve. Thats how this works. Pastors all over the place are telling people to 'pray then go to the polls.' If that prayer was actually doing anything, it would prevent you from going to the polls.

I cast my vote of NO CONFIDENCE in this world system by NOT VOTING. I'm doing alot more than most people to bring about change in this world, I'M PRAYING for my Father's kingdom to come, and HIS WILL TO BE DONE, here on earth just as it is in heaven. In the end we'll see who the foolish and the wise are. Time is short, look up, your redemption draws near.

Grace and peace