Tuesday, January 06, 2009

"Believe" and the Coming of Anti-Christ

I posted last week about seeing the word "Believe" in various places that looked out of place. I did'nt even take the above into consideration...
I've seen the word "Believe" written in script across shopping mall bags where normally you would see "JC Penny" or "Macy's" written. Now apparently somebody wants you to "Believe," question is, in what?
The ongoing campaign waged by the media to keep people wound up tight is proving effective. Instead of acting like human beings who can think and reason for themselves, people are choosing to "follow the herd" like a bunch of cattle. The bible tells us that "the herd" is headed in the wrong direction. The path to life follows a narrow road, and goes through a small gate (Matt 7:14). The broad path with the herd on it leads to destruction.
In the midst of the psycological onslaught, there is also a spiritual war. The darkness decending on this world isn't just a figment of your imagination, it's real. As light is removed, darkness moves in instantly. Here's the thing, you personally don't have to live in darkness like the rest of the herd. Jesus Christ can still be found today. In him there is no darkness at all. The light he can give you shines from within, no man can give it to you. There are many benefits to being "in Christ" ranging from eternity in heaven to peace on earth right now. The peace on earth I speak of is peace within YOU, not the world. This world has a destiny with the sword, death and hell. The day of the Lord approaches and its a day of vengance.
Fear is a real weapon, its the weapon of choice for the enemy. Fear works to kill steal and destroy you. The media machine is working overtime to keep you in fear. I recently heard a definition of fear:
What people fear may never materialize, but the impact on their internal life is the same as if the object of fear was real.
The bible gives us practical solutions to the problems of this world. Seek first the kingdom of God. If you are seeking the kingdom of God, guess where you focus is? The kingdom of God. If you are focused on Christ, and not the world, guess what that's going to do for your peace? Whatever you focus on you get more of. Focus on peace, you get more peace, focus on fear, you get more fear. This world is on a mission right now to keep you strung so tight that you almost break. The purpose behind keeping people wound tight is to prepare the way for the man of sin. When the anti-christ shows up with all the answers to todays problems, the emotional swing from where people are now, to where they'll be when the answers show up will be huge.
You have to ask yourself why the media machine is not spinning things more positively. They can report on whatever they want to, yet they choose to reinforce the negative. Nothing is accidental.
Our God controls when the anti-christ will appear. Our gathering together with Jesus is the control. When we leave this earth, destruction comes, just like it did when Noah went into the ark and Lot left Sodom. How much time before the Lord pulls us out of this place? Only he knows. The thing to remember is that while we wait, you don't have to be a member of the masses on the broad path that leads to destruction. One of the fruits of the Spirit of God is PEACE...inside you. What price would people pay today to have a taste of true inner peace? How much is it worth to be calm in the midst of any storm? Men chase after the world at the expense of their own souls. It does'nt have to be that way. Seek the kingdom that is not of this world and find a peace that is not of this world.
There's a price for that peace. We must be faithful and obedient servants. We must remain "in Christ." We have to have pure hearts. There is no peace for the wicked. How can anything in this world compare with an eternity in heaven and peace for our hearts while we are on earth?
Yea, we will have tribulations on this earth, that is to say, problems, but so do the wicked, the difference is, we have a peace that passes all understanding while we are going through our troubles.
Keep the faith, be pure just as he is pure. Time is short, grace and peace