Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama and Lincoln

Have you noticed the extraordinary lengths the "powers that be" have gone through to link Obama with Lincoln in the minds of the American people? He road the "lincoln train" to the inaguration, he's given his speeches directly in front of the lincoln memorial, they are laying it on thick. Which brings me to my question...WHY?

When I think of Lincoln, I think of two things:

1. Civil War
2. Assassination

What is it that the people in high places want us to mentally link to? Are they trying to tell us something? Another thing to notice, Obamas inaguration takes place within 24 hours of Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration day....what happened to MLK jr? Assassinated.

Do you have any idea what would happen in this country if anything happened to Obama like that? People see Obama as an almost christ like figure. Things could get very very very ugly IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE. That's how fast the life as you know it today could turn upside down.

I bring these things to your attention because they have been brought to my attention. The moral of the story is this...time is shorter, or could be shorter than you think. If the tribulation is at our doorstep, and the escape is BEFORE the tribulation, that means we have NO TIME LEFT. Time is the most precious commodity right now, not money.

Find what good you can do today and do it. Pray, be ready, remain "in Christ." The only things we can be sure of right now are the promises of God as they are written in his word. The promises of God are a ROCK that you can stand on. Our Lord is a refuge from the storm. Today more than ever, you NEED TO BE "in Christ." Everything else is a sidenote in history.

grace and peace