Monday, February 02, 2009

Faith, Patience, Demonic/Angelic/Superhero/Alien Invasion, The Escape

Psalm 91:2 I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

I woke up with the same gut level sick feeling I did last night after watching all the demonic commercials embedded in the superbowl. The propaganda machine has kicked into high gear to basically marinate people's brains in the "new reality" that is basically an age of demonism. You cannot turn on the TV or see a movie these days without seeing some kind of superhero/angel/demon/alien theme. Why? They are getting people ready for the unveiling of these things in plain view of everyone.

Last nights "Hulu" commerical was so demonic and so "in your face" its unbelievable. They are getting bold, which means (at least they think) we are close, very close to some kind of major demonic event. The thing to remember in all of this is that our Lord's timing is what prevails, not satans. The enemy cannot take a single step forward without permission from our God.

The restrainer continues to hold back the demonic horse that is chomping at the bit to really get at this world. The thought occured to me last night, that the Lord never told us how the restrainer would be removed, all we know is that the most obvious sign of the restrainers removal would be the revealed anti-christ. It is obvious to me that already the demonic activity to lay the groundwork for anti-christs appearance is in high gear.

Remember as I write these things to you that our choices are fear or faith, and fear is not an option...Psalm 91:2 I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. I can see it and feel it coming, men's hearts melting inside of them from fear. Those who think they are "in Christ" because they 'made a decision' 15 years ago or whatever, will be exposed. Ever heard that phrase "trial by fire?" Well, thats whats coming and there is no possible way to fake your way through it. There's no way to fake walking on water outside the boat with Jesus. If your faith isn't real, below the waves you go. Jesus does'nt want that, I don't want that, you don't want that. Prepare your hearts today for what's coming.

The Lord told us that an escape from "all that's about to happen" is coming. We are told to pray for that escape. Like I've said before, it appears we are going to walk our way right up to the minutes and seconds just before the tribulation starts, the evidence of that is all around us. The signs that the tribulation is in near proximity are all around us, which means the escape is not far off. Let us be ready and watching today. Put your full faith in Jesus Christ, and in his word. What he said he would do, he will do, that's FACT. If he said there is an escape coming, I guarantee you there is an escape coming..from ALL thats about to happen. The "all" that Jesus said we would escape from is listed above Luke 21:36, in the verses that precede it. Basically its a panoramic view from start to end of the entire tribulation period, laid out in Luke 21.

Today is a day to pray in faith, to speak in faith, to think in faith. Doubt is your enemy and its the first weapon satan and his servants throw at you ..."did God really say...?" So recognize it when you see it. Time is short, very short. Our Lord can drag things out as long as he wants to, which requires patience on our part. Just realize that we could be with Jesus in heaven before today is over... BE READY.

grace and peace