Thursday, June 04, 2009

What is the Spirit Saying to the Churches Today?

Just a short note for today. Do you think that God Almighty is worried about what Satan plans to do on this earth? Really? Do you REALLY think our Lord takes it into any consideration whatsoever?

Our God has plans for today and the future. You need to hear PERSONALLY from him to determine where you fit into those plans. Other peoples speculations and whatever that we see during this age of GREAT DECEPTION are meaningless. You need to hear from the Lord of eternity today. Your hired hand "pastor" cannot give you the words that our Lord wants to give you personally.

I am convinced that time is relatively short. Relatively means days-a few years. In that time our Lord has very specific tasks missions for each and every one of us. Scouring the internet for what other people are saying and "hearing" whatever that may be is almost useless unless we have a personal, direct connection with the Lord of Hosts. First love is primary. You and him alone together is primary. Your "pastor" has NO PLACE, zero, nada between you and the Almighty. One mediator between God and man has been established and his name is JESUS CHRIST.

I am on my face before the Lord daily (close to it). He has given me a specific mission/vision of what to do in these last days. Blogging is part of it but its low on the list. Most people today are so faithless that they really DO NOT BELIEVE they can or will hear from the Lord directly. That will cost them. These people still have faith in the babylonian system of churchianity over the perfect law of God Almighty.

I see the Lord working MIGHTY things in these days before we are called into the ark. Since true believers are few, I think that each and every person who is filled with the Spirit today is called to something amazing. For you, I have no idea what that is. YOU need to find out for you.

At this point I could care less about what Satan is doing in this world, its absolutely IRRELEVANT. The Lord does'nt care and neither should you. The unseen kingdom we belong to is primary. Our Lord never stops building it. Faith, belief, obedience, first love, fundamentals are KEY to all of this. The Lord has saved his best for last for us who believe and are hearing his voice in these last days. We are not some spectators who sit in an overrun position watching the hordes of hell overrun our positions. These are PRE-FLOOD days not tribulation days. These are days when we are expected to do "greater things" than even our Lord did through FAITH. How many people do you know that are doing this?

The lack of true faith and belief are at the root of all the problems we see in the world today. Light drives out darkness EVERY TIME NO EXCEPTIONS which is a body slam rapier through the heart for todays so called babylonian churchianity. You have been warned and encouraged. Warned at your participation in the babylonian whore that calls itself christianity today or encouraged that holiness requires separation faith and belief in what was written.

The responsibility rests squarely on your shoulders today. What will you believe and why do you believe it? Is your faith 100% on the word of God or 50% the word of man, 50% the word of God? Or any variation in between? WAKE UP people. Complete and total faith in Jesus alone who IS the word of God who IS our first love is the only path, the NARROW PATH (matt 7:14) that leads to life.

grace and peace