Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Rapture Solution

A brother has written a book that has been out for some time now which details:

1. Why the post-tribulation rapture cannot be true
2. Proves why the pre-tribulation rapture is true
3. Explains double references in the bible that harmonize different views on the rapture.<-as promised an explanation on double references in the bible. He explains it better than I can.

Result? A rock solid case for the pre-tribulation rapture. http://www.rapturesolution.com/index.htm

The major problem I see with the "Rapture Solution" is that the author appears to be so bent on reconciliation with the post-trib believers that he fails to point out the most glaring problem with their position. What is their major problem? They are not watching.....They are not watching now, and they refuse to watch at any time before the tribulation despite the fact that they know the Lord commands them to watch now. Did the Lord give the "other tribbers" the option to not watch now? No, He did not.

We who believe have been commanded to watch, but they refuse to do it and the author of the rapture solution does not think that will be a problem. This writer thinks he is absolutely wrong. What does Jesus say about those who "will not watch?" What is the reward for willful disobedience? Will people who do not believe, still receive? The foolish virgins were not ready, they were not watching (no preparatory oil= no lamp lit=cannot watch..no light) did they get to go in to the marriage feast? No, they did not. Other than completely omitting and glossing over this glaring problem with the "other tribbers" I think the author of the Rapture Solution did a fine job with the book.

I find it very hard to hold hands with someone who willfully disobeys the command to look for (now) one of the most exciting events in world history...the return of the Lord Jesus. While we are electric inside expecting our Lord to appear any moment, they are stuck like a broken record saying "anti-christ, abomination, tribulation....anti-christ, abomination, tribulation...anti-christ, abomination, tribulation." While it is true that those things are coming, they are not what we were told to be watching for. We are the bride of Christ. What are we to be looking for? The Bridegroom...

That said, give it a read. The author makes many good points.

grace and peace