Saturday, November 12, 2011


It appears that the window for the asteroid passing between the earth and moon has closed and it has passed harmlessly. Business as usual for another day is what was most likely.

I've seen some video evidence of warnings in the sky relating to Nibiru/planet X whatever. I have no doubt that something, whatever we might want to call it is on the way to punch planet earth and its inhabitants in the face. It has been said here many times, we already know for a fact what is coming. Open the book of Revelation around Revelation 6 and start reading. Every Word in there will be fulfilled to the letter. We also know that our Lord has judged the creation through the creation in the past, for example, the flood in Noahs day, drought, famine etc.

We know what is coming, but we do not know when. Although we do not know when, we see signs all around us that tell us time is short. These signs have been around us now for years and many are growing faint. Some have given up waiting. What a terrible mistake. The parable of the virgins was given to us as an example. We must be the wise virgins who bring extra oil to watch for the Bridegroom and be prepared to wait for Him however long He tarries.

The Lord determines the time of things. His time and no other determines when the Restrainer will be removed. Till then we must learn the lesson of the virgins and the parable of the profitable servants, both in Matthew 25.

Lets be found doing those things we know we should do while we wait with great patience for our Savior from heaven. We are dearly loved.

grace and peace