Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Day After Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in this writers mind is one of the most holy holidays. Why? Its a day to focus on the Lord God and give Him the thanks due to His name. Also it has not been hijacked by so called christianity and turned into a pagan holiday lightly dressed in a facade of christianity.

This writer and likely many of you have reason to give thanks. Thanksgiving is a day, a memorial on the calendar to stop and give thanks. For us who believe every day should be thanksgiving. The memorial day reminds us of what we should be doing every day. This brings us to the Feast of Trumpets. The Feast Day in this case reminds us that the Lord Jesus is coming. It also points to an unknown day that we should be looking for.

How do we look for an unknown day? You have to look for it every day. As it has been said here before, there is no argument any of the 'other tribbers' can use that is in any way better than the argument we the pre-tribulation believers make to be watching and ready every day. How can you miss the coming of the Lord if you are watching and ready every day? It is a water tight, iron clad, perfect from start to finish strategy for being ready to meet the Lord.

The "pre-wrath" who aren't really pre-wrath and the post-trib teachers tell you that we have a long time to wait until the Lord can possibly arrive for us. This writer believes they will pay a heavy price for their failure to watch daily now. As you believe, so you receive-thats what the Lord told us (Matt 8:13).

The wrath of God starts with the first seal that is opened. Wrath is clearly defined by the bible as the sword and famine at a minimum (Ezekiel 6:12) therefore the early seals (2 -3 at a minimum) of Revelation 6 opened by the Lord Jesus Christ are irrefutably the wrath of God unleashed on man. To be truly a pre-wrath believer is to believe the rapture will occur before the early seals of Rev 6 are opened.

What does that mean? Just what we have been saying here all along. The proof is stacked from the earth up into the heavens. The Lord will be coming back for us before the wrath of Rev 6-seals 2 or 3 onward takes place.

The Lord has impressed upon this writer what we all know, that is the entire bible points toward the Lord Jesus Christ in every way. One of those ways is how the ark that saved Noah and his family points to Jesus Christ as being our ark. There are many similarities between Jesus and Noah's ark. For example, there was only one door to enter the ark of safety. Who is the door to salvation in our day? You got it, Jesus Christ the Son of God and Him alone.

Another example is how Noah and His family were lifted up in the ark high above the earth. We know for a fact that during the escape from all coming to the earth that we will meet the Lord in the clouds. And where are the clouds? High above the earth. Will we be safe from the 'flood' that will be the tribulation period if we are with Jesus high above the earth in the clouds? Yep, just like Noah was safe. There are many more comparison made by other people if you care to google search their research.

Jesus Christ is the ark of our safety. He always has been and always will be. The Lord God can and will be coming back for us on an unknown day. We must be watching and ready for Him. Today I was reading Matthew 24 and what I see in there is a transition directly from the pre-flood days of the 'beginning of sorrows' directly to the tribulation.

I believe that it has dawned on me what the Lord's work for me is. My work is to warn whoever will listen that the Lord is coming back for us soon. My work is also to encourage those who will listen that the Words of the Lord are true as they point to an escape.

We were told that the coming of the Son of man will be just like the days of Noah and Lot. There was alot going on in the days of Noah. The days of Noah covered alot of ground-everything from the Nephilim on the earth to the earth being covered in violence to Noah walking with the Lord, the ark and salvation. What my work has been up through today has been to outline the apostasy of the church and present it to those who have ears to hear. It has also been (for the bulk of my time) to watch and warn that the Lord is coming. This is my understanding today of the work the Lord would have me do for the kingdom.

Why bother telling you these things? Because it explains why this writer sounds like a broken record. You read the same kinds of things over and over again. The reason why is the Lord fashioned this writer as a tool for doing this precise thing. A hammer sees everything as a nail, because a hammer was designed to drive in nails. Same thing with this writer, hopefully that explains what you read here.

The Lord is coming back for us soon. What does soon mean? I don't know. That's what resonates within the spirit of this writer. "Soon" is what I hear but I cannot nail down dates or times for you. I also "hear" patience from the Word of God which is Jesus Christ. The wise virgins brought oil with their lamps to wait. They were prepared to wait and we must be also. Why? The Lords understanding of time differs from ours. When the Lord says "soon" that means soon from His perspective not ours. He could return today, or 10 years from now. Both would be soon to Him.

Be watching and ready today. There are many unexplained young people dieing around us in the world today. What is causing these young people to die prematurely? Its more than bad luck, there is a systemic reason behind it. Whats that reason? All is not right.. If a person dies, thats it for them. If they werent watching and ready to meet the Lord at that time, they are in trouble. Watching and being ready right now has just as much to do with us going to meet the Lord in death as it does being called into the clouds to meet the Lord in the rapture. Nobody guaranteed us we will see the end of this day.

Being ready to meet the Lord today is a failsafe strategy. Does watching and readiness to meet the Lord today encourage holiness in your life? You bet it does. Does it encourage you to do the things you know you should be doing? Yes. So should we be watching and ready to meet the Lord today? Yes.

There is something going on in the world today that is not right. There are many things that are adversely affecting humans all over the world, I mean physically affecting us. Between fukushima radiation and chemtrail clouds to fluoride in our water to empty calorie and genetic modified food there is a war on the human body.

The economy appears poised to collapse. Societies bonds are disintegrating. War appears imminent. There are volcanoes, earthquakes, floods and famine everywhere we look. The signs are everywhere that the floodgates are about to be opened, but for today the gates have been restrained.

There is a Restrainer at work in the world today. The reason why we have gone so long without the floodgates being opened is because of the miraculous power of the Restrainer. This is a big point for us who watch and wait today. The devil does not determine the times and seasons of the end. The devil will not determine when the tribulation will start. The devil does not know when the Son of man will return. The devil can make educated guesses just like we can, but he does not know.

There are many many satanic false signs in the world today to counterfeit real signs the Lord has given us. So what? So, as long as we watch in readiness and wait every day those signs do not matter. Many people feel jerked around by what they consider false signals. You will not feel jerked around if you remember we are in this for however long it takes and we are watching and ready every day.

We all want to be with the Lord today. We all want the rapture to occur ASAP. The mercy of the Lord extends to those who are not yet ready today. This writer has a testimony that says the mercy and patience of the Lord are a blessing. If us waiting means more souls in the ark then its worth the wait. Waiting is hard. Many of the foolish virgins made no preparation to wait and they pay a heavy price for it (Matt 25).

What is the Lord saying to the churches today? Be ready for the Lord's return today but do not forget the lessons of the wise virgins and the faithful servants (Matt 25).

He knows we are weak and have little power (Rev 3-the church of Philadelphia). Be strong and very courageous. The Lord has given this writer many personal signs and signals that let me know the Lord is with me. This writer prays that what is written here is not the mind of man, but a product of resonance with the Spirit of God. That is my prayer.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you and may He grant you peace. I ask you to please pray for me and my family. That we may be counted worthy along with you of the escape from all that is surely coming. Pray also that this writer may be given words of edification for you from the Lord's own mouth.

The words written here are for you. I pray that this writer may be removed completely from the words appearing on this blog that you and I can read and understand the mind of the Lord.

keep the faith, grace and peace