Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Day 50 of 80

I have seen many new pieces of evidence today that point to the end of this month (5/20 or so) through early June as a time to be watching and ready.  I have no idea if anything will happen, I am not predicting anything.  I am telling you that I see a nexus of events focused on this window of time.

What I have seen is irrelevant as it has been written here that signs are not time markers (from what the Lord has explained to me).  The signs point to events yet to occur.  We have been given many signs over a period of years now to keep us watching and to prepare us.

I believe that the Bridegroom will call out the Bride on a day nobody expects.  Likely it will be a day just like today.  When people least expect it, then the Bridegroom will shout.  Expect the unexpected.

This walk in Christ is not a one day event, it was never meant to be.  We live for Jesus and we love Him day in and day out not on one day or another.  That's the walk I understand we have been called to.  If people knew the day or hour- they being people would likely do what they should not do then 'get right' at the last moment.

We do not know when the last moment will be so we must be ready for the Bridegroom always.  It will be good for those servants who are found watching when the Master returns.

If history is any guide, nothing out of the ordinary will happen this month or next month.  The probabilities are very low that anything out of the ordinary will happen.  We are looking for a once in eternity event though, the Bridegroom calling out His Bride.  This event will happen someday and it will shake the world to its foundations.  That day could be upon us soon.  Lets be watching and ready.  Let us also strengthen ourselves with patience and endurance to wait for however long it takes to see our Lord face to face.

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ