Thursday, April 30, 2020

100% Proof The Virus Was a Planned Event

This is the Holy Grail of information that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt this scamdemic was planned and orchestrated as a world changing event by the globalists.  Please watch and download the video if you can and share far and wide.  They have been planning this for over 50 years.  The is absolutely no way they came up with this plan over the past 90 days.  If the Lord does not intervene this is indeed the beginning of the end.

Two notes on the video:

1.  The creator does not understand government-speak for "actor."  They are not crisis actors, they are participants in the process.

2.  Profanity toward the end, this gentleman is not happy about what they are planning for us.

Video here, please watch download and share before they take it down.