Monday, April 27, 2020

Prayer Works

Perhaps the leading figure at the forefront of the viruscam is Bill Gates.  Every day we learn new damning information about how Mr Gates is involved in some scheme to enslave, impoverish and depopulate the world.  How he is not in jail is a real mystery.

The evil that Mr Gates has perpetrated is coming to light in new and unexpected ways.  Watch this video on France 24 (establishment TV even-shocking) where this Indian lady dismantles Gates on live TV.

If we continue to apply pressure to the evil working in this world through prayer, we will see results (we already are).  Please pray with me that those who are orchestrating and implementing these evil plans in this world 1.  have their plans fully exposed, 2.  Have their wealth and power removed (so their ability to work out evil is crippled) and 3.  The hearts of the people of this world will wake up to what is being done to them.

Glory to God.

grace and peace