Sunday, October 18, 2020

Focus II

 Yesterday the Spirit of the Lord impressed this servant to write a letter called "focus."  In short its about the parable of the talents.  That parable tells us we must use what the Lord has given us to produce fruit.  For must of us the "talents" (money in the parable) are literal talents/skills/abilities deposited in us to serve our Lord and His kingdom.

Fast forward to last night where I came across a brother who had a message from the Lord and guess what part of that message was?  You got it, living up to our potential.

Check out the video here, you can watch the entire video (which I recommend) or skip to the part about living up to our full potential/bearing fruit (7:30-7:50 mark in the video).

The Lord is serious about this, we should be too.

Glory to God