Thursday, November 05, 2020

The Election 2020

 Had a walk and talk with the Lord about America's President situation, here are the take aways:

1.  The Church was fully awake going into this election and we were praying for the Lord's hand to work in it.

2.  The Lord is not deaf, dumb, or blind.  Yes, He heard our prayers.  Yes, He saw the enemy plan for fraud, theft and destruction.  Yes, He is answering our prayers.

3.  The Lord is fully in control here, regardless of how out of control the situation appears.  We have to understand who our God is and how He has always worked all the way back into antiquity.  Our Lord could care less about the appearance of a fair fight in this battle between good and evil.  For us humans its of utmost importance however for Almighty, All knowing God its really irrelevant.  One of the better examples that everyone knows is Israel trapped between the Red Sea and the army of Pharaoh.  Hopeless right?  Well, it appeared that way until the Pharaoh's army was buried under the Red Sea.  Another example is Jericho.  To human appearance Jericho presented a major problem to the army of Israel.  To the Lord it was just another day at the office.  What did He tell them to do?  "March around it seven times and blow your trumpets and I'll drop the walls for you."  Problem solved.

4.  Either the Lord God has this apparent mess under control or He does not.  The fact that the Church was wide awake going into this mess, both praying and fasting asking for the Lord's intervention tells this servant that regardless of what the outcome is, it is the Lord's will and we will be fine.

5.   Phil 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Do not be anxious?  Even when the enemy and his servants are seemingly successfully committing the largest act of election fraud ever committed?  Even if it means Biden will hand America over to the globalist communist satanic cabal on a silver platter?  Yep, even then do not be anxious.  Prayers have consequences.  Prayers get answered.  The Lord our God is 100% fully in command and control knowing exactly what these criminals were planning before it was even an imagination in their minds.

And no, this servant has not heard a "thus sayith the Lord" nor has he ever heard that from the Lord.  This nobody however does know the voice of the Lord and the manifold ways in which He speaks.  We do not need a "thus sayith the Lord" for our situation.  What has been outlined above is enough.  There is a time for everything under heaven and time is the Lord's.  The enemy has been trying for thousands of years to implement his "new world order" and so far with umpteen valiant attempts he is batting a fat zero.  Why?  The Lord's time, not man's nor the enemy's will prevail.

We will have to wait to see what the Lord decided about this most recent attempt by the enemy to implement his "new world order."  We can be sure of this, regardless of what the enemy or his servants want, regardless of how long they planned it, how much money they have thrown at it, regardless of how many AI simulations they have run etc, if the Lord's verdict is "not yet" then they and their plans are toast.

Instead of getting uptight and worked up about the currently unfolding drama, we can rest.  That does not mean cease prayer because we are to be praying about all things at all times but we can rest in the fact that the Church was wide awake going into this crisis and there was a thorough prayer preparation of the battlefield before any of the current drama hit the press.

Lets watch, pray and rest without anxiety knowing the Lord has this one firmly under control.  

grace and peace