Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Pray For Peace

 Joey Diaper's administration approved transfer of US tanks to Ukr which is a major escalation of the conflict.  "They" are losing and are playing with fire now.  People have no idea how precariously we are all hanging by a thread.  In addition to trying to poison us, starve us, bankrupt us, and just about every other attempt to commit crimes against humanity, they are trying to get that big country "R" to do the rest of the dirty work for them.

We need to pray for peace while they clamor for war.  We need to get those prayer spreadsheets started because the enemy is in full court press mode against humanity.  It would be very easy now for things to spiral out of control.

We are here for a reason in this season.  The way things are going, none of us knows if we will see another peaceful day so we need to get down on bended knees (now) and pray that the Lord will intervene on our behalf. This is serious folks, as serious as it gets before all hell breaks loose.  We need to pray.

Glory to God

Grace and peace