Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not a Pre-Tribluationist

The more I think about these labels that men have put on the time that's coming, the more I dislike them. Labels tend to paint you into a box and make you defend them. How can anyone be a "pre-tribulationist" when Jesus said:

John 16:33
... "These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world."

I had to highlight "in me" because like I've said, its just everywhere..."in Christ" "in me" etc. But back to the topic, when Jesus says in this world we have tribulation, that means for us who are in Christ, tribulation is an ongoing thing. If I had to clarify the position that the Lord makes in the bible I would call myself a "pre-flood" person, or a "pre-brimstone and fire" believer. In this world, from its very beginning, men have had tribulation.

We have discussed the fact that Noah did'nt endure 1 min of the flood, and Lot did'nt dance around fiery embers for a second, so we should not expect to do anything similar. With that said, we will have tribulation in this world. We always have had it, but there's a big difference between the tribulation that we have in this world and what's coming during the time of Jacob's trouble. I can't remember a time in history when famine, sword and the beasts of the field killed off 2 billion people, that's the opening of the first seals. Death and hell will be here among men on the earth following the sword, famine, beasts and pestilence. It will be a time unlike any other.

The thought occurred to me last night that it is possible for us to see martial law, food shortages, WW3 etc before the escape. It's a possibility to consider. Remember this vision I have of our face pressed up right against the glass that seperates us in time from the tribulation. Not that my ideas mean anything, but what will happen as we come right up to the very day that we leave this place and destruction falls. It will be like walking up to goliath, staring him in the face, smelling his wretched stink, seeing the hate in his eyes, watching him raise his sword up to strike, then WHAM.....outa here. Will faith be tested? It's likely. The Lord tells us clearly he's coming like a thief. He tells us to watch. He has given us the stories of Noah and Lot to understand what we are facing. Noah and Lot walked right up to the very day that destruction fell before escaping, it will be the same for us.

The things I've seen over the past 2 weeks are incredible. There is no longer any question in my mind that the beast is now rising. The anti-christ and Satan (it appears) have finally been permitted to lay advanced groundwork for their "coming out party." This brings me to America. America is babylon. I read an interesting quote this week that was highly insightful:

NEW YORK — Milwaukee Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan, a defender of Roman Catholic orthodoxy who led an elite seminary for U.S. priests and became known for his energy, wit and warmth, was named archbishop of New York on Monday.
The Vatican said Dolan would succeed Cardinal Edward Egan, 76, who is retiring as archbishop after nearly nine years. The post is the most prominent in the American Catholic Church. Pope John Paul II called the job "archbishop of the capital of the world."

America is babylon , specifically New York City is babylon central. Think about what Pope John Paul said there. This pope, who lives in Rome, called New York the capital of the world...Don't you find that a strange thing to say?

The things going on in America today are surreal. There are military units all over the country preparing to put down "civil unrest" that the powers that be expect to come as we progress along. I heard some guy on TV say that the tax rate would have to be raised to 90% in order to pay off the spending we've already done, and theres lots and lots more spending to do. What does that mean? That means that everyone in the world knows, except obviously the American people, that the economy of America is on a collision course with a wall. I keep thinking about how the boomer generation, that worked and saved their entire lives, have been completely and totally raped. Everyone else has too, but right on the verge of retirement, to have the rug pulled out from under them....You still wondering why the Army is preparing to put down "civil unrest?"

I think there's a very good possibility that this year will start Daniel's 70th week, which also means this year could very possibly see "the escape" luke 21:36 as well. Many people have grown weary of watching. They have fallen into the "cry wolf" trap, not realizing that every year in the past that the escape has not shown up, has brought us that much closer to when it will show up. The escape could happen today, destruction could fall today. As I read the bible, I see no caveats to our Lord's command to WATCH, and be ready. He told us to watch so many times I've lost count. The books of Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah and Revelation have enough wiggle room built into the words that nobody really knows when most things are going to happen.

If Jesus came back today, calling us into our modern day "ark," how many people would be watching and ready? How many would remember not to look back like Lot's wife? Last night, the things coming in the near future hit me like a ton of bricks. The weight of it all was crushing. My heart absolutely breaks for the children. There will be so much pain, so many mothers bereaved and weeping over what happens. Families will be torn apart and destroyed. People just don't realize how bad, how crushing, what is coming will be. It's very important to understand this NOW, not when it is in your face. Today, you can pray. Today, you can repent. Today, you can purge more of what displeases the Lord from your life. Today, you can pray to be counted worthy of the escape that is coming. Today you can pray for more faith so that you too can walk on the water with our Lord, above the stormy waters.

The anti-christ is coming this time. The signs are everywhere. We have gone way way WAYYYYY beyond the point of no return this time. There will never be anything close to "yesterday" again. The people hoping against hope that if they just hunker down and wait this out, they'll get their old life back, are in for a rude shock. Recently I think the Lord impressed upon me the fact that we are on fast forward, with no rewind button. We are headed into the time of Jacob's trouble, Daniel's 70th week, a time of wrath and indignation. A time of vengeance and retribution for the wickedess of mankind.

This time was never meant for the pure in heart. The knowledge of the Holy One is the beginning of wisdom and it is understanding. When you know Him, you know that he does'nt hammer down sword, famine as vengeance on those who are in right standing with him. Here's a great example:

Psalm 37:25
... I have been young and now I am old, Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken Or his descendants begging bread.

A man who was young and now is old, has never seen..........the righteous forsaken. For that matter, neither have I. Anyone who tells you that the Lord in any way forsakes those who are righteous are thieves and liars. There is a reward for right standing with our Lord, there is also a "reward" for wickedness. The Lord does'nt "do haphazard." He does'nt take a paint can out and color the whole world with one color. He is a God of infinite detail, who has every hair of your head numbered, and he knows where you stand with Him today. One size does not fit all in the days that are coming. Most people did'nt get into the ark with Noah. Most people did'nt leave Sodom with Lot. Most people won't leave this world in the escape of Luke 21. Most people does not have to mean YOU. We are a holy, set apart people who do not conform to this world, as so we are hated by it, but loved dearly by the God of eternity. Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom-luke 12:32.

Time is very short guys, I get the distinct feeling that something really big is about to happen. The signs are all around us, its not as if I get these feelings from a vacuum. Open your eyes. Draw close to the Son of God and he will draw close to you. Increase your faith, exercise it. Ask him for more of it. Take the attitude of a soldier. We are in this to the very end, regardless of what that means. We need to really believe what we believe. People who wishy wash in the middle will get crushed. Pray for all the brothers, seek his face today. Grace and peace