Friday, August 19, 2011

The Fact of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture. More Pre-tribulation Rapture Proof.

This writer has written extensively on the pre-tribulation rapture. The pre-tribulation rapture is a FACT, it will happen, guaranteed by the scriptures. Yes, there are many writers, preachers, and teachers (more every day) who will argue with you about this but the bottom line is...they are wrong.

The Lord told us there is an escape from all coming (Luke 21:36). That's a fact. If there were no escape from all, that would make Jesus a liar, wouldn't it? Yes it would, and yet how many people today teach that there is no escape from all? How many people today that call themselves "christians" are calling Jesus a liar through their teaching and doctrine? Those who call the Lord a liar through their doctrine should tremble.

The Lord told us that we would be kept from the hour of trial (Rev 3:10). The hour of trial is the tribulation. I have read all the arguments against this as well and none of them hold any water whatsoever. Even the best arguments against this biblical fact are laughable absurdity. The Lord said that some people will be kept out of the tribulation and that is a fact. Anyone who teaches you that Rev 3:10 is not a promise to be kept out of the tribulation is a thief, a liar, willfully deceived, or something else thats not good.

The Lord gave us promises to comfort us. Who are these people who come to steal our comfort and hope? If the Lord promised us something, who are these people to take it from us? They are thieves, they are liars, they are murderers. That's what they are. If the Lord gave you something and someone else comes to take that away, what would you call them? What happens when the theft of a promise results in death? What would that make the person who stole and their stealing resulted in a death? That makes them a murderer as well.

Here's another interesting fact the Lord pointed out to me last night:

Fact: from the very first day that the church began all the way up through this very day NOT ONE member of the church (those who died "in Christ") has gone through the tribulation. NOT ONE. Let that sink in real deep. Millions, maybe billions of people have died "in Christ" as of today and not one of them had to endure one second of the tribulation. That's an absolute irrefutable fact. Today in these last days before the tribulation starts we are in the midst of a great apostasy which means there are few people in the world who are truly "in Christ" (Matt 7:13-28, 2 Ti 3:2). What that means is that if you were to look at the entire population that is the Church on a pie graph, you would see almost the entire pie except one small sliver that is already dead and gone, and one small sliver of population that is still alive today and "in Christ"

Okay, so what? So..that vast population that is the church that never tasted a second of the tribulation is a witness for the promises of Luke 21:36 and Rev 3:10. Did all those who died in Christ up through today "escape all" of the tribulation? Were they "kept" from it body soul and spirit? Yes they were. And I defy anyone to show me in the bible one shred of evidence that says the church is divided somehow so that this vast majority of the church is somehow exempt from the tribulation but the small sliver of true believers that exist today and destined for it. Anyone who tells you that the church is divided in this way is a satanic liar. Show me in the bible or put the argument away. Its not in the bible so their argument is dead on arrival.

More on point here, what am I trying to say? The pre-tribulation rapture, escape from all, being kept from all the tribulation event is coming sometime in the days ahead. Satan and those who serve him knowingly or unknowingly has tried to steal your promise and steal your hope. The Lord made us a promise and this writer knows for a fact that the Lord 1. keeps His promises and 2. does not lie.

We have all those who have died "in Christ" up through this very day as a witness that the Lord's Word is true. They indeed "escaped all" and have been kept from the tribulation. The promises of the Lord are another powerful witness of the truth of the pre-tribulation rapture of the church. Noah is a witness of the pre-tribulation rapture. Lot is a witness to it. Noah escaped all. Lot escaped all. Every single brother and sister who has died in Christ to this day escaped ALL of the tribulation. That is irrefutable FACT.

Those who argue with the facts laid out in the bible call Jesus a liar, its that simple. I would not want to be them. Why do men choose the doctrine of man over the Word of God? This writer does not know. Pride? Arrogance? Foolishness? All of the above?

The Lord gave us His Word to encourage us and give us hope.

Titus 2:13 while we wait for the blessed hope--the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ,

Those who hold the pre-tribulation rapture as biblical fact are doing what we were told to do. We are holding onto the blessed hope by looking for the Lord's return today. The "other tribbers" are looking for Satan, the anti-christ, a peace deal for Israel etc...everything BUT Jesus Christ. What fools they are. Who are the foolish virgins of Matt 25? They are those who were not ready. They were not looking for the Bridegroom when He showed up and they were left behind with the door slammed in their face because they were off looking for something else that they should have already had with them when the Lord showed up.

There is no possible way you can go wrong in your Christian walk by expecting to meet the Lord each and every day of your life. You could die today and meet Him or He could catch you up in the clouds and you meet Him, either way if you are "in Christ" and watching for Him how can you go wrong.

This writer has read the arguments against us extensively and he has yet to read a single argument yet that holds a shred of value against being ready and waiting on the Lord every day. There is no argument against it and if there was it would have to be by a person who is either mentally and spiritually deranged or a satanic disinfo agent.

What the Lord gave me a mental picture of last night was powerful (at least to me it was). It was a circular pie graph showing almost the entire pie already dead in Christ and this small sliver of us who are still alive and remain today. Those in the graph are all the church. The only division is the barrier of death, most are already dead and some are alive today. The rest of the church did not have to enter the tribulation and neither will we. Our God is not a liar. He keeps His promises regardless of what todays apostate preachers and teachers tell you.

Be very encouraged today. Hold onto your hope. There is an escape from all coming for those found worthy of it. There is a blessed hope held out for us today. There is a purpose for the tribulation and that purpose is NOT to try or judge or bring wrath or vengeance on the church. Noah escaped all the tribulation of his day. Lot escaped all the tribulation of his day. The entire body of the church that has died in Christ up through this very day have escaped the coming tribulation. We are part of that church that has escaped all and will escape all of whats about to happen. That is a biblical fact. The Lord made us promises and He cannot lie. Be of good cheer and full of hope. Make every effort to be found worthy of the escape and the Bridegroom who is coming back for us.

These are the things this writer hears the Lord saying today. Keep the faith, stay in the Word. Grace and peace