Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September 2011

This month will see the Feast of Trumpets 2011. It will also see the arrival of "comet" ELE-nin. What else will happen in the month of September? The Lord knows. Could the escape from all rapture of the Church happen this month? It is possible.

What does this mean for us? We must be ready and we must be watching. What happens if the month of September is just another month of continual economic collapse (ongoing) and once in a century natural disasters (that are now routine and ongoing) and the rapture does not occur this month? We continue to watch and wait until our Lord shows up for us. Its very simple but not very easy to do.

We have half of us ready to go at all times and half ready to stay and wait. We are always torn between the necessity of living here from day to day while we eagerly await the salvation that will be revealed when the Lord returns for us. We are ready to go and ready to stay.... always. A tall order by any standard.

Whatever is happening to people today, it is not normal. This writers observation of people shows that something out of the ordinary is afflicting all of us. This writer certainly feels it. This writer also sees it in everyone he looks at in the world around him. Any explanation for what is happening around us that does not include some kind of extra-ordinary component is immediately dismissed by this writer as disinformation because it does not jive with what he is seeing firsthand.

Our bibles tell us that many extra-ordinary events are coming. Most of these events will be very bad for this world. Those who belong to this world, those whose entire hope is in this world oppose this message with every fiber of their being. Everything they hoped to get from this world is quickly escaping their grasp even now. Those of us who do not belong to this world are looking for our true home, which is with the Bridegroom in the heavens. This looking for the Bridegroom is also known as the blessed hope. Do not allow anyone to steal your hope today.

What is the Lord saying to this writer today? Focus on the fundamentals. Ask yourself what needs to be done and do it. Focus on the necessary few things, get those things done and only fit in the trivial many when and where there is room. Praise the Lord always. This is coming through to this writer's spirit loud and clear. PRAISE THE LORD ALWAYS. Its difficult if not impossible to remain in a depressed, hopeless state when the Lord's praises are continually rolling out of your mouth. We were meant to declare His praises. We are to enter His courts with thanksgiving and rejoicing.

Do you feel like a darkness and a heaviness is hovering over your head just about daily? If so, welcome to planet earth today. All of us who have any spiritual sensitivity whatsoever detect this darkness that lies of humanity like a blanket today. Want to break through it and get some brightness shining down on your spirit? Then start praising the Lord. Open your mouth, this is not a something you do quietly. Let all the heavens hear the praises and glory for Him who so richly deserves all the glory and honor and power forever and ever. When your praises are going up, the Lord is coming down right to where you are. No darkness can dwell with the all consuming fire that is our Lord. When you have the Lord's presence through your praise, the darkness MUST flee away from you. When you enter a room and turn on a light switch the darkness MUST leave to make way for the light...every time without fail. Its a law you can observe with your own eyes, so use it to your benefit.

Focus on the fundamentals. What few things does your mind understand that you must do every day? Do those things. Make sure those things include praise and worship and time in the Word. The Word is our life we cannot do without it. If you have missed days don't beat yourself up, get to it today. Yesterday is gone forever. Let the praise of the Lord be found in your mouth TODAY. He is worthy of receiving all of it.

Be ready. The month of September has the potential to be extraordinary. It could be just another month. Probabilities tell us that nothing "extra-ordinary" will happen. Thats why the word extra is in extra-ordinary. Do not confuse what is probable with what is possible. The world as we have known it seems poised to turn upside down both literally and figuratively any moment now.

Keep the faith. grace and peace