Friday, September 09, 2011

The Feast of Trumpets 2011, 20 Days and Counting Part 2

Something occurred to me before to start this series counting down to the Feast of Trumpets 2011. That is, the question what can we do to prepare ourselves for the return of the Lord if He should return for us this year?

That question has been answered in previous posts here and the answer so far is:

1. Be watching-how do we watch? We watch in and through prayer
2. Be ready-how do we make ourselves ready? With the Word of God which is the Gospel which is the good news. See the previous posts in this series for the details behind these statements.

Please remember that this readiness ^^ presupposes the reader is already "in Christ."
How does one make it "in Christ?" The gift of God is by grace and through faith. It is free, but you must remain in Christ to see heaven. John 15 lays out explicitly that we must remain "in Christ" once we have entered "in Christ." The book of Romans lays out the plan of salvation nicely. Google the Romans road to salvation for the how to on this:

What is the Lord looking for? A heart that is ready for change. A heart that is ready for truth. A heart that is finished with sin. The body will have an appetite for sin till the end of our lives but the spirit and heart can override the body. This is what this writer has learned from the Lord.

Again, nowhere in the bible will you see the Lord telling you to join some man made institutional organization commonly known as "churches" in this world to be at peace with Him. Should we fellowship? Yes. Do we need to be institutionalized by a babylonian form of churchianity to fellowship? Absolutely not. This requires the guidance of the Holy Spirit in each of our lives because the details in each of our lives are different.

Now, on to the point of the day to flesh out more of what this writer believes the Lord is looking for from us. We are to be watching and ready. We become ready or as the bible calls it "dressed in readiness" from the book of Luke by the Word of God. All of it. This writer sees things each time the bible is opened that the Lord is looking for in His people. These are not my words, these are His Words that follow:

Psalm 11:7For the LORD is righteous,
he loves justice;
upright men will see his face.

Clues like this are hidden like diamonds all throughout the bible. The once saved always saved doctrine of demons crowd is always asking "do I have to do this to be saved?" and "Are you questioning my salvation?" These people who ask such questions already condemn themselves. Its like a person who sticks a watch in his pocket at a store to see how close to the door he can get without being arrested. What kind of person thinks that way? A person who loves sin...
What they are really asking is how much sin can I get away with and still go to heaven? Again, that line of questioning tells us where that person is coming from and its not a good place to be standing spiritually.

Back to the Lord's Word: upright men will see his face. That is the Word of God and that is part of our readiness. We are the Bride of Christ making ourselves ready through the washing and sanctification of the Word to be a holy people for the Lord.

As I see things in the Word that stick out to me during reading the Word today I'll just place it below:

Psalm 13:6 I will sing to the Lord for he has been good to me.

Psalm 15

LORD, who may dwell in your sanctuary?

Who may live on your holy hill?

2He whose walk is blameless

and who does what is righteous,

who speaks the truth from his heart

3and has no slander on his tongue,

who does his neighbor no wrong

and casts no slur on his fellowman,

4who despises a vile man

but honors those who fear the LORD,

who keeps his oath

even when it hurts,

5who lends his money without usury

and does not accept a bribe against the innocent.

He who does these things

will never be shaken.

If that is not a recipe for what the Lord wants from us then I don't know what is. Notice what the Lord is looking for in his people. The fact that so many people would question God's own Words here shows us how lost the world really is today. You mean I have to be blameless? You mean I have to be righteous? You mean I have to speak the truth? You mean I have to have no slander on my tongue? etc etc. Who asks such questions? A sinner who loves their sin.

Are we perfect yet? No, but we are working on it. How are we working on it? We are watching for the Lords return and we are staying in the Word of God so we are always dressed in readiness with the gospel of peace which is part of the armor of God. The Lord does expect us to "do" something in our walk with Him. Re-read the parable of the talents. The wicked lazy servant was not condemned for making a little profit, he was condemned for doing NOTHING and earning no profit.

Your "talents" are your talents. I dont know what they are but you and the Lord know. Even if you dont know for sure what they are you can at least guess at them. Decide in faith and prayer what the Lord would have you do with your talents and do something. Do not be the wicked and lazy servant who does nothing and has everything taken away from him...

Rev 3:11I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown.

One last note: this writer does not know if the Lord will come back for His people this year, but as an exercise in readiness, this writer is taking the mental attitude that it is a given fact that the Lord will return this year. This is no different from an army preparing for war. You have to train like its real because someday it will be fight like you train so train like its real.

What if the Lord does show up sometime around the Feast of Trumpets this year? Will you be found watching and ready? Will you be counted worthy to escape all thats about to happen and stand before the Son of Man? (Luke 21:36)? I pray that you will be watching and ready and found worthy. If you are reading these words right now then you have been prayed for today. In Jesus name I ask you brothers and sisters to pray for this writer and this writer's family that we too may be found worthy when the Lord arrives.

One more thing on a separate note: dont take my word for anything. Check the bible for yourself. Who am I? I pray that I at least am the least of the brothers who are found "in Christ." Why accept words from the least servant in the kingdom when you can have the Word of the King Himself? That Word is in the bible, go to it, stay in it.

These are the things this writer hears the Lord saying today,
All glory and honor and praise and wealth and splendor and majesty and worship be to the Lamb of God who is forever praised....amen.

grace and peace