Friday, September 30, 2011

Nibiru: If the Shoe Fits, Wear It

ELE-nin was not itself the "extinction level event" but was rather the harbinger of an extinction level event. ELE-nin did not cause the earth to turn into a washing machine that thrashed everything on earth, but rather it appears to be a warning that the "washing machine" type event is coming.

Come on brother D, really? Can't we let all this space doom stuff go...please? I guess thats a question for the Lord since this happens to be His blog, not mine. Not that being His instrument qualifies this writer as anything, but where and what and how this instrument is told to lay ink, ink is laid (figuratively speaking.)

The bible is our fact book. It has never been wrong and it will never be wrong. The bible tells us to "look up." What do we see when we literally look up? "oh brother D, you take the bible too literally!" Really? You should take the bible literally as well. There will be many many many sorry people that did not take the bible literally enough....

What does the bible tell us? Look up:
... So when all these things begin to happen, stand and
look up, for your salvation is near!

When we are certain that the rapture will be pre-tribulation and we see the tribulation nearing, should we not get excited? Yes, we should get excited. If people are becoming fearful at the approach of the tribulation that is indicitive of many things like fear, lack of faith, lack of love, none of which should have any foothold in the life of a believer.

The Lord gave me a good way of looking at the rapture the other day. Basically He said how we look at it reflects our attitude toward the Lord's faithfulness. What does that mean? It means that when the Lord has delivered you from every single trial and tribulation in this life so far, you end up with a certain attitude and confidence. The Lord has always, always always provided for this servant, the Lord has always protected this servant, the Lord has always led this servant, the Lord has always been this servants refuge and high tower against every foe and every trial of life. That is my testimony, that the Lord is faithful. And that testimony has naturally led to a certain world view, and spiritual view, and rapture view etc.

Do you understand now? People all over the world, calling themselves "christians" are telling you that the Lord will do different things. Why? Because they themselves have a world view based on who they are (not who the Lord is) and they project who they are on the Lord which results in their view on all things..So when these people tell you that the Lord will not deliver you, they are reading to you out of their own playbook, not the Lord's. These people tell you that Christians "need" to go through part or all of the tribulation. Maybe they do need the tribulation and perhaps they will get it!!! but the vast vast majority of the Church which are all those who have died "in Christ" up through this very day did NOT go through the tribulation and neither will we.

I defy anyone to explain to me how exactly it is that all the generations of believers who have died "in Christ" up to and including this very day get excluded from the tribulation yet we who survive through tomorrow somehow "need it." That idea is ridiculous, and it is utterly indefensible from a biblical standpoint.

Back to our worldview now....This writer has seen faithfulness, protection and deliverance for himself and his family over and over and over again for decades. Is it so far fetched to expect that this writer expects to see faithfulness, protection and deliverance for himself his family and all the brothers in the future? Of all the rapture views, which one most closely aligns with a Lord and a servant whose relationship has been defined by provision, protection and deliverance? The pre-tribulation rapture is the only shoe that fits. Not that all this is proof of when the rapture will happen, we have plenty of that proof posted along the right side of the blog-using the bible to explain the bible. We are up to 20+ articles now and going strong with more proof on the way.

Which brings us to Nibiru. When we look up what will we see? Space and clouds. One day the Lord will descend to those clouds to call us up. Space hold many things. What's going on in space these days? Well, lots of things, the space program has been cancelled, the US govt has been putting infrared satellites up as fast as the can and google and other space viewing programs have been hiding stuff so we cant see whats up there.

We have proven here that the Lord judges the creation through the creation. Examples the flood of Noah's day and fire of Lot's day. We know that the book of Revelation has yet to be fulfilled but one day it will be fulfilled to the letter. We know that famine and fire and massive earthquakes and the sea raging and mens hearts failing them for fear of whats coming on the earth are all events coming someday to this earth.

What in the creation would cause massive earth shattering earthquakes and the sea to roar and foam and stuff to fall from the sky that would poison a third of the earths water (wormwood) etc? What would do that kind of thing? Something like Nibiru would. The signs that this thing is coming are all around us. What does that mean? It means judgement through creation by the Creator is coming. What does that mean? This particular judgement appears to be so severe that it could only be the tribulation/time of Jacob's trouble. What does that mean? It means that our redemption draweth nigh? What does that mean? It means that we as servants better be watching and ready to meet Jesus Christ today and every day forward.....

Those who are not watching and ready to meet Jesus Christ today are fools, thiefs, liars and murderers if they call themselves believers and teach others not to look for the Lord's return today (pre-wrath/post-trib teachers). Why are the post-trib and pre-wrath teachers and preachers murders and thieves? They steal your hope, they steal your faith and they are trying to steal your escape which would lead to your murder in the tribulation. See it now?

As you believe, so you receive. If they can steal your faith and hope, then your escape is in serious jeopardy. Will the Lord permit people to escape who do not believe His Word? Will the Lord reward willful disobedience? These pre-wrath and post-trib preachers and teachers know they are supposed to pray for escape and not only do they disobey that command, they teach other people to disobey it as well. What will be their reward for this willful disobedience? Time will tell..PRAY that you may be counted worthy to escape ALL of what's about to happen and stand before the Son of Man (Luke 21:36). Thats a command..its not optional. If you are not praying that prayer and you know the Lord Himself commanded you to do it, well, then you've chosen a dangerous path to walk on.

Those who are not yet believers we should attempt to snatch from the fire as we are led by the Spirit of Jesus. The words of Matt 25 are speaking to us today. Who are the wise virgins and who are the wise servants who employed the talents the master gave to them? The wise virgins and servants better be us. We must keep oil in our lamps, we must employ our talents, we must be ready and watching today more than ever.

These things are what this servant hears the Lord saying today.

keep the faith, grace and peace