Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Begging For Judgement

Headline news today is the president of the US endorsing gay marriage.

This man Obama more than any other has shaken his fist in the face of the Lord.  Truly Obama is the king of Babylon.  I still believe that Prince William has a part to play in the end time drama but if I had to choose who I think the anti-christ will be I would have to pick the current president of the United States.

This is day 51 of an 80 day watch.  In 11 days or so we will be entering a window filled with signs that point to judgement, a "reverse pentecost" where the Spirit filled Bride of Christ could be taken off the earth, the tribulation etc.  Now 11 days outside of this window (5/20) or so we have the president shaking his fist at the Lord.  Bad, bad, bad move Mr. president.

The time window filled with signs does not mean I expect things to happen in the window.  My expectation is that sometime before or after sign filled times we should be watching for events.  When the Lord said no man knows the day or hour He meant it.  The Jewish wedding custom has the Bridegroom showing up unannounced, in secret, by surprise to call for His Bride.

I think it is the nothing special ordinary days we should keep our eyes on.  Those days are when people are asleep.

Yesterday the Lord performed another personal miracle in my life.  The significance of this to me is that this nobody who receives no dreams, no visions, no special revelations has a string of miracles a life long to count and to cherish.  What does that mean?  Do not be deceived by all these so called prophets and "harbingers" and whatever else they care to call themselves.  The Lord has reinforced in this nobody's life over and over again how much He esteems quiet endurance, patience and faith.

If you live a quiet life, if you believe and return to His Word over and over again, if you give thanks and praise Him continually, if you do those things the Lord told us to do that are nothing special in the eyes of the world, chances are the Lord beholds you as the apple of His eye.

This brother writing to you today is a nobody.  He is everything.  What has been done for the least of the brothers will also be done for you.  We must keep the faith and we must obey unflinchingly. When the Lord tells us to jump we ask "how high?" without hesitation.  We should fear the Lord with trembling.  We are to work out our salvation.  Brother D did not command this, the Spirit did through the apostle Paul.

This announcement today by Obama is one more straw on the camel's back.  When will the Lord lose His patience with this sick world?  We shall see.  The patience of the Lord means salvation for somebody every day so we must wait.

Today's gay marriage news from the president of Babylon is one more piece of evidence that we should be watching and ready for the Bridegroom.

One last thing, this brother does not hate gays.  We are to love the people but hate evil behavior.  We can love the people but hate their behavior.  Shouldn't we hate anything that will send any person to the place of eternal torment?  If we do not hate evil behavior, where is our love for our brothers who will pay an eternal price for this behavior?

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.