Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Countdown Begins

Today is day 61 of an 80 day watch for the Lord's return.  Tomorrow is the first day of the end of the window with special celestial signs attached to it.  Tomorrow the world will see a 'ring of fire' annular eclipse of the sun.  This involves both the sun and the moon.  Remember what the Lord told us:

... “And there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth distress of
nations in perplexity because of the roaring of the sea and the waves

Seven days later is pentecost, the day the Holy Spirit filled the Church.  This could also be the time when a 'reverse pentecost' takes place, the day the Restrainer is removed and all hell breaks loose.  A little over a week later we will see a rare transit of Venus and an even rarer intersection with the sun and all this between the horns of the bull Taurus.

Some people say considering all this amounts to "astrology."  Really?  Who said there would be signs in the sun moon and stars?  JESUS DID, not me.  What are signs for?  To be read, to impart meaning.

Back to our post today, these are the last days of this particular watch the Lord has impressed this servant to do.  We were told to be watching for our Lord to return, and the command was specific to watch every day.

With these things said, let us remember that so far all the signs we have seen over a period of years have been to keep us watching, they have not been time markers for the events they herald.  It is very probable that over this sign window from 5/20-June 6 or so, we will have signs and that is all.  It is possible however that the Lord could stamp these signs of the times with confirmation earthquakes or any number of other "stamps" confirming that we are watching for a reason.

An example?  Over this 80 day watch we had a number of mega-quakes.  Earthquakes are a signature judgement that will be used during the days of Revelation in the future.  It is most likely that we will not see anything special over the coming days, and the big events will take place on some other ordinary day like today.

Case in point, 9-11, it was an ordinary day that turned radically destructive in an instant.  Recently the Lord gave me (I believe) a personal warning that another 9-11 kind of event is coming.  I have never been warned in this way so I cannot be sure that I am sure of what I saw.  If we see another 9-11 type event soon I will know it was the Lord who showed me.  If we do not, I will know it was my imagination playing tricks on me.  I mention these things because this is the work the Lord has given me to for you.

We saw Revelation 12 play itself out in the heavens at the exact same time ELE-nin was at earth perigee last year.  We did not see Rev 12 play itself out on earth yet that I am aware of.  We have numerous signs in the heavens starting tomorrow and who knows when their earthly counterparts will manifest.

I expect the Lord to arrive unexpectedly every day.  He told us to be watching and ready every day.  The days filled with signs kind of tip the Lord's hand as to days and hours if He were going to take us out of here on those days, therefore I have less expectation of meeting the Bridegroom during this sign filled time window.  Could the Bridegroom arrive?  Yes.  Should we be watching and ready? Yes.  Have we seen years of signs pass us by without the Bridegrooms arrival?  Yes.  Could this be another of those times where the Bridegroom tarries?  Yes.  What's the point?  We must be ready for both.

We must be ready to leave this earth right now, today.  We must also be patient and ready to wait here with great suffering and endurance until our Bridegroom calls for us.  This is the lesson of the virgins in Matt 25.  The wise virgins had lamps and oil ready to wait and ready to go.

One last note on the signs that start tomorrow.  These are special because they cannot be manipulated by 'the illuminati' and their ilk in Hollywood and Madison ave.  These are signs in the heavens where no man sets foot.  These signs are the Lord's signs and His alone.  We should take them seriously.  I do not understand most of what I see, but I know when I am seeing something special and that is what we are seeing over the next two weeks or so.

Be ready for anything.  We could see another 9-11 type event soon, I believe the Lord warned me personally of that.  We could also see the Restrainer removed, the rapture of the Church, the removal of the Bride of Christ to heaven and all hell break loose, OR we could hear the crickets chirp and see these days go by uneventfully.  We must be ready for all of it.

These are the thoughts of one of the least of the brothers in Christ.  Grace and peace to you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.