Thursday, March 19, 2015

Time Is Short

Guess what tomorrow is?  3/20/15 and the day of the sackcloth sun/solar eclipse.  Yesterday I was almost overwhelmed with the signals all coming in at once that everything is about to turn upside down.  The stock market and the dollar both saw huge swings yesterday, there have been massive military exercises by both Russia and the United States, the weather is acting up something awful and then this morning I see this:

Things are becoming very clear, very fast.  We have done alot of waiting in the past but it appears that our waiting will be over soon.  Back a few years ago I thought that time was short but events were not anywhere close to as intense as they are today.

Putting dates and times on things has always always always led to failure, by 100% of the people who have predicted a date or time.  We can however suspect that the time is close.  We would have to be fools not to open our eyes at the signs we are seeing today.

And if what was mentioned above was not enough, I also came across this story that went almost unmentioned that related to brother Cahn's teaching about the Shemitah year.  If you dont know what the shemitah is, it can be a blessing or a curse every seven years for a nation.  For the United States it has been an economic curse/judgement every 7 years going back to the 1970's.  This fall will be another shemitah year.  This idea of 7 years is tied into everything from the shemitah, to the tribulation period (7 years) to Pharaoh's dream of 7 lean and 7 fat years.

Pharaoh dreamt of 7 cows that were fat and 7 that were lean or starving, and Joseph interpreted that dream to mean the 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine right?  Well, this past year on the exact date of the beginning of this shemitah year (9/25) the AP reported on a cow that was born with a 7 on its head!

The only thing the Lord could do to emphasize more to us that what He said was going to happen is going to happen would be to appear physically before us and tell us the time is here.  The time is here.

Its time to make final preparations to meet our master.  Pray, clean up any junk thats hanging around in your life, prepare to meet the Master.  Could we have more time left?  History tells us that nothing will happen for as long as we live, but the signs all around us beg to differ.

grace and peace