Friday, September 22, 2017

Rosh Hashanah High Watch Extension

Normally when the new moon is sighted in Jerusalem, we can call it a new year and know that the Lord is going to tarry.  In this case, this year with so many signs and signals packed into such a short period (the 40 day warning period from 8/21-great eclipse through Yom Kippur), we would be wise to maintain our high watch for at least another day-through sunset at least of 9/23/17.

We are always to be watching, but there are times when we should be on high watch (high alert).  This is one of those times.  If the Lord tarries through 9/23 we must continue to maintain our vigil-watching always for His return.  No man knows the day or hour points at a minimum to both: 1.  the feast of trumpets/Rosh Hashanah and 2.  Every other day until He arrives.

The Lord has gone out of His way to warn us this time, we would be wise to always be on the alert and watching.  We may not understand exactly what it is He is pointing to but we can be absolutely certain we have been warned and it was the Lord God who did the warning.  We know because no many can issue the kinds of warnings we have received.  The warnings started with the re-emergence of the Shemitah cycle, the reformation of the nation of Israel, the blood moon tetrad precisely on the Lord's feast days, and the total solar eclipse between the lunar tetrad years.  In the recent past, the great American eclipse this year 40 days from Yom Kippur along with a host of disasters and a string of personal signs warn this writer, who in turn warns you that we have put 'business as usual' in the rear view mirror for the foreseeable future.

This writer does not know on what day the Lord is going to act, but the Lord IS going to act.  How can we be so sure?  He already told us what He is going to do.  HE already 'predicted' exactly what is going to happen.  Turn your Bible to the book of Revelation and the book of Daniel and start reading.  That is what is going to happenWhen these things begin to happen, we need to look up.

grace and peace