Monday, February 06, 2023

If We Want our Families to Eat, We Need to Pray

 What used to be a once a week occurrence, has turned into an every other day occurrence.  Another chicken farm burned down, this time in New Zealand.  Another day, another food source destroyed.  Guess who is not even batting an eye at our food supply destruction?  The "good guy" politicians aka republi-traitors.  Humanity is under a coordinated attack by "them" and to listen to the priests, pastors, politicians, the press etc everything is business as usual with "nothing to see" here.  When exactly will it be time to "see something here?"  When everyone is starving?

The point of writing this ^^ is to reinforce the idea that mankind has sold us down the river and taken all the paddles for themselves.  All of the avenues that humanity might have turned to in the past for a solution have been exposed as utterly corrupted and sold out to the enemy.  Understanding the truth about our current situation is important so we can focus with conviction on the only avenue left for humanity to survive the enemy's attack.  The Lord God alone can provide relief now, that is it.  He alone can do it.  Every word you hear out of the mouths of the priests/pastors/politicians that is not a warning, is them in the process of betraying humanity.

A watchman on the wall has a job to do.  Sound the alarm.  That is their primary job, see the danger and sound the alarm.  If you do not hear your "pastor" or priest sounding the alarm then you know what you are listening to (garbage).  What "they" are attempting to do to will go down in history as the largest crime against humanity ever committed and considering what criminals like Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot did that is saying alot.

If we don't care about ourselves, then what about our families?  Do we want them to eat?  We need to pray folks, down on the knees fervently pray.  The Lord God alone can deliver us out of this mess because our so called "leaders" have sold us down the river.  If we pray, the Lord will hear and respond.  There is no doubt in this servant's mind.  We just need to pray.  We are part of the restraint that the Lord has maintained on the earth to hold back the enemies end time "superman" and associated demonic world order.  So, we need to do our job.  Pray, fast, stay in the Word and do this persistently with the patience of a saint.  This is war.  Do you know what happens to people who are in the middle of a war zone and dont even know it?  Hint: not good things.

This is what the Lord God provided to your servant for the year 2023:

1 Thessalonians 5

16Rejoice always, 17pray without ceasing, 18give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 

While the enemy is trying their very best to kill, steal and destroy us-we are to do this ^^.  Asymmetric warfare at its finest.  Glory to God.

Grace and peace