Sunday, January 28, 2024

Orange Man Anti-Christ Part 4

 Remember those blood moons that fell on feast days in 2014-2015?

There was lots of speculation about what these ^^^ events meant for the world.  Do you remember what happened immediately after in 2016?

If you guessed "orange man bad" ^^^ (OMB) became president you are a winner!  OMB was born under a blood moon June 14, 1946...

Now we are faced with a similar situation of an X over America in 2024:

And whoever is elected or (s)elected whatever the case may be this time, they will take office the next year in Jan 2025.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the nexus between the signs in the sky (over the past decade-its been 10 years!) and OMB.  Another fact for us to consider is the signs in the sky were placed there by the Most High God, not Klaus Schwab or crooked Joey or any of their demonic friends.

We need to keep an open mind to what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.  Each of us needs to get on our knees and seek the Lord's face for counsel and guidance because we have all been given fair warning from both sides about the days ahead.

Glory to God

grace and peace