Monday, January 29, 2024

They Really Want Their War

 The Isr@el false flag was supposed to achieve an american led attack on iran.  So far that has not happened but far be it from narcissistic psychopaths to give up on bombing someone. We need to pray for an end to the never-ending false flags.  Let us pray for restraint over all the enemy's agendas, narratives, spiritual strongholds and false flags.

If orange man bad will be the anti-Christ, things going hot with Iran would cause major problems for Israel that OMB could fix when he takes office, elevating him even higher in their esteem.  All according to plan.  Since we do not know for sure who will be doing what in the future (specifically) we continue to do our job.  Pray about all things at all times.  Especially pray over all the plans "they" advertise (like the war they want with iran) beforehand according to the rules so we can respond with prayer restraint over all their activities.

Glory to God

grace and peace