Thursday, January 11, 2024

Pray For Restraint of Their Medical Tyranny

 These people and their demonic overlords only know how to double and triple down on failed plans.  They told us about scamdemic 2.0 here.  Now Dr. evil and crew at the WEF are beginning preparations for it.  And what a coincidence the timing, just in time for the 2024 elections!  It only took them a few months to roll out scamdemic 1.0 drills into a live exercise so we should expect they can easily do that with 2.0.

We need to pray because they are losing :).  They lost scamdemic 1.0, they have lost Ukr, and they are going to lose the Isr false flag as well.  The psycopaths lost these battles because the Lord God currently has restraint on them.  Now that we who believe are also doing the work we should have been doing before (praying, standing in agreement, praying back the promises), they are in even more trouble and they know it.

Keep up the prayer pressure, its working.  Pray about all things at all times, including praying restraint on all their new and improved plans to kills steal and destroy.

Glory to God

grace and peace