Sunday, January 27, 2008

More Pre-Wrath Disobedience

There are many ways the the pre-wrath (PW) position falls apart, but since almost all of the pre-wrath advocates I've had the pleasure of debating like to evade I have found it most beneficial to pin them down in one place and squeeze the life out of their arguments there. Luke 21:36 is the weapon of choice, the sword of the Spirit that demolishes the PW position in one stab. There are two points of willfull disobedience exposed by this one passage of scripture, both are equally damning to the PW position. First, let's look at this weapon:

Luke 21:36 But watch ye at every season, making supplication, that ye may be counted worthy/prevail to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

Now, the first place PW advocates disobey: "But watch ye at every season"
watch at EVERY SEASON......for what? For the escape, it follows within the SAME SENTENCE. Why would pre-wrathers be watching at EVERY SEASON when they seem to think that "the escape" does'nt come until mid-tribulation? If they say they are watching for the escape at every season they sink their own PW ship, if they are not "watching at every season" they are willfully disobedient.

The second place they disobey: making supplication, that ye may be counted worthy/prevail to escape all these things that shall come to pass. A pre-wrath advocate cannot both pray to "escape all" and believe in a "pre-wrath" rapture, since they directly conflict. Either the Holy Spirit is insane, or the pre-wrath doctrine is false.

So, pre-wrathers neither "watch at every season" (for the escape) nor do they pray to "escape all." That's two points of disobedience in one verse of scripture. Why do I need to employ any other weapons to sink their ship? Luke 21:36 is a nuclear tipped torpedo for the PW position. To date, not one, ZERO pre-wrath advocates have been able to circumevent the devastation this one scripture does to their position. Since they have no answer to this glaring problem, instead, they evade, ask counter questions relating to everything BUT why they fail to obey, they quote their hero(Dave Mcpherson). Once they get tired of failing to answer why they disobey the commands in Luke 21:36, they then claim victory and walk away. They accuse me of evading them, when they never answer my question: Why do you fail to obey the commands (2 of them) in Luke 21:36? They have no answer.

How can I judge people I've never met? By definition, the PW position is incompatible with the commands of Luke 21:36. If you adhere to one, you must dismiss the other. It's just that simple. There is so much more that supports the pre-trib position, but why expand the argument when I can check and mate them with one verse?

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