Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Pre-wrath argument structure

1. Most importantly-DO NOT ANSWER why they refuse to pray for the escape in Luke 21:36

2. Hem, haw, ask counter questions, in general lay out why they believe the rapture will be mid-trib WITHOUT ANSWERING question number 1-why they refuse to obey the command in Luke 21:36

3. Accuse the pre-trib believer for not aswering their questions, and claim victory when they NEVER BOTHER to answer why they disobey the Lord's command in Luke 21:36, PRAY TO BE COUNTED WORTHY TO ESCAPE.

In conclusion, they have no answer, if they do obey the command in Luke 21:36 they admit that there is an escape possible before the wrath of God falls in Rev 6, if they dance around it, they admit they have no answer for it and they are in willful disobedience. PROVE ME WRONG, you can't.....

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