Friday, September 23, 2022

2 Days and Counting

 Brother Biltz has been busy posting some interesting information here and here.  It is just more information that suggests we should be doing what we were told to do:  watch and pray.  We do not know the day or hour the Lord is going to unexpectedly come back to the clouds to call up His Church (not the "second coming").  What we do know is if we are always watching for this unexpected return we cannot be caught off guard and not watching/ready.

Luke 21

34“Be careful, or your hearts will be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness and the anxieties of life, and that day will close on you suddenly like a trap. 35For it will come on all those who live on the face of the whole earth. 36Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.”

There are signs and signals stacked up everywhere that something important is about to happen in this world.  The Spirit of the Lord has impressed this servant with at least 3 of the possible scenarios:

1.  The Lord calls up His Church and the world turns upside down.

2.  The Lord does not call up the Church but He intervenes to slow down/stop the enemy's plan for global genocide.

3.  The Lord does not call up the Church and does not intervene, allowing the enemy to continue the global "carbon cleansing" (your body is carbon based....),  In this scenario we have to remember there will still be some restraint if the Restrainer is still present, however the Lord has shown us how restraint can be dialed back to allow the enemy to progress their agenda.

We do not know what is going to happen.  Will it be scenario 1,2,3 or something else?  Only the Lord knows.  What we do know is what we were told to do.  We do not have to predict anything, the Lord has already done all that.  We just have to do what we were told to do which is always be watching and yes, pray for escape.  In addition to that we are to do the other things we are told in the Word as well like be salt and light.  We were also told this:

Matt 5:9

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

So we should be praying for peace while the people around us clamor for war.  It makes sense that most people are headed in one direction, and we are headed in the opposite direction:

Matt 7

13“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

John 15

If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.

1 Peter

Dear friends, I urge you, as foreigners and exiles, to abstain from sinful desires, which wage war against your soul.

We are in this world but we are not of this world.  Regardless of what happens in the days of head let us who believe be found doing what we were told to do in love and obedience.  Pray, fast and do whatever work the Lord has placed before each one of us to do.  Walk with the Lord daily. He comes first before anything else including our "work" for Him.  While we are on this earth, continue to develop talents and abilities to serve our Master.

Rev 2:4

Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.

Mark 12:30

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’

We will find out what the Lord has decided about this season soon enough.  We need to be ready for any of it.  For now, through 9/27 we remain on 100% alert to respect the appointed time next in line for fulfillment:  Rosh Hashanah/Feast of Trumpets.  Lets see what the Lord has decided.

Glory to God

Grace and Peace