Friday, September 02, 2022

23 Days and Counting

 If the Lord does not come back soon, all hell is likely to manifest here on earth, especially in the west.  How do we know this?  Voting isnt going to protect anyone from the psychopaths running the west.  How do we know that?  A recent example is Alaska.  Sarah Pain just lost to a demon-rat in a state that has been solid red for 50 years.  Tack on to that how distasteful the past 2 years has been under Joey B and the chances that a demon-rat flipped a house seat is around 0% in a legitimate election.  The demon-rats had a new trick up their sleeve though for Alaska which they just used for all the world to marvel at.  That is just one state, they rigged a national (s)election just two years ago.  Now the country is just two months away from another major (s)election and what has been done to ensure there will be no more fraud at the ballot box?  Apart from Florida, next to nothing.

What did the demonic party tell us they had planned for after this next (s)election?  They plan to ban a number of "toys" used by people to defend themselves.  They always wanted to do this but time is growing short and they need to get that done now so what has been done to every other country in the western world can then be done to America which is impose strict totalitarian rule without the ability of the population to fight back.

But lets say the vote rigging failed for some reason, what is plan B for the demon-rats?  Just have the republi-rats do nothing except flap their gums (if that) ensuring no obstacles stand in the way of imposing demonic will on the population.  If all this sounds far fetched consider what the Lord has already allowed them to do over the past two years.  Then consider the X over America that is formed by solar eclipses in 2024.

This ^^ is not promising news for America or the western world.  What this ^^ suggests to us is the demon-rats will continue their satanic psycopathic totalitarianism and the republi-rats will continue to roll over and play dead effectively assisting them(as they have for the past two years since the big steal took place.)  The so called "patriots" are another joke as their "resistance" to the psychos has amounted  to internet posts and speaking tours (to enrich themselves of course) while feeding hopium to the masses and allowing the west to slip deeper into the abyss.

Due to the fact that the well armed country that starts with an "R" is winning the war in Ukr, the psychos are growing desperate and might do something really stupid in the near term future as torches and pitchforks loom in Europe as that continent freezes to death this winter due to incompetence and malfeasance.  If "they" do that stupid thing and that big "R" country decides they have had enough, that too would explain the big X over America by 2024.

So, lets examine some of the scenarios facing this world at the moment:

1.  The Lord comes back unexpectedly this fall, the world gets turned on its head.

2.  The Lord does not come back unexpectedly, the demon-rats with their replubli-rat allies turn this world on its head

3.  The Lord does not come back unexpectedly, but the Lord begins to restrain the things which up to this point He has allowed?  This one appears the most unlikely of the three scenarios as alot has been allowed and this world is no closer to repenting from its sins then they were 2-3 years ago when the demonic horde that has been running things down here was given increasing control (less Restraint). 

 No repentance means what?

2 Chron 7:14

if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land

Notice the very first word in that statement ^^  IFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, IIIIIFFFFFFFF

If, is a conditional word.  If, then.......So, back to the 3 scenarios outlined above it appears there is alot of trouble on the horizon.  Most people are completely ignorant of all of it.  They have already forgotten just how quickly their world can be turned upside down but unfortunately they are likely to be reminded in the not too distant future.

We can always pray that there is a 4th or 5th scenario that was not listed above where everything is sunshine and rainbows as far as the eye can see.  We need to pray about the days ahead.  We need to be ready for whatever it is the Lord has in store for this world and pray for His mercy.  

Glory to God

Grace and Peace