Wednesday, September 28, 2022

What Happened on 9/27?

 What happened on 9/27 was not the escape of the Church but a major escalation in the east/west conflict that has been ongoing.  There are fingers pointing everywhere, but everyone knows who actually did it.  First of all it takes some real expertise to pull off an attack like that which points to a major power.  Then to narrow down that list you just have to ask who benefits the most from the attack?  Problem solved.  Think red, white and blue if you haven't figured it out yet.

While supporting Ukr with money and military hardware is one level of conflict, sabotage of state assets that took years to construct is another level.  The bear (big country that starts with an R) has yet to respond but we can all be sure this was an act to provoke escalation.  It has been written here for some time now the psycopaths who are in charge in the west are actively trying to get "the bear" to remove human carbon based wetsuits from the world with tools that resemble mushrooms when activated.

What they did not accomplish using corona and the "cure" they plan to accomplish by provoking war.  Why write this today?  Because most people are oblivious to how close humanity is to a mass extinction event.  Why is that important?  Because the one and only way the psyopath cabal can be stopped right now is Divine intervention.  If the Lord does not directly intervene in the affairs on men right now/soon then things will get really ugly really fast.

This has been said before but it needs to be said again and repeated.  We need to pray.  Everyone who has an ounce of faith needs to get down on their knees and plead with others who pray to do the same and pray for peace.  We have always been in the Lord's hands but right now all human support has been removed from the equation so it is Him alone that can stop the evil that the enemy has planned for humanity.

Maybe that is why the Church remains on the face of the earth.  We have this job to do.  While the clueless masses go about trying to "get back to normal" their very existence hangs on what the Church is or is not able to do in pleading for humanity.  This is not hyperbole, it is as real as it gets.  Please pray for the Lord's supply/support and protection from the evil the enemy has planned.  

We as salt and light are part of the restraint of evil in this world.  Lets do our job.

Glory to God

Grace and Peace