Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Even The Media is Noticing: We Are Under Attack

Even the media is reporting it now, we are under attack.  

In addition to praying for protection over our:

1. water supply

2. food supply

3. electric grid

4. gas/diesel supply and infrastructure

5.  communications/internet

Now we need to add to the list

6. supply chain/rail and road systems

Why?  Because they are all under attack and the silence coming out of Washington is deafening (both parties).  Where are the so called "good guys" who just took over the house?  What are they doing about any of this?  Nothing, nada, zero.  Where are the priests and pastors?  Where is the call to sackcloth and ashes?  Nope, "nothing to see here" is the message out of the pulpits just be sure to leave your money at the door...What about the "patriots" who love to be hero on social media but have allowed the demonic party and republitraitors to walk all over us without lifting a finger?  Apparently getting paid to produce hot air is the job description of a "patriot" these days.

It is important to point all this ^^ out because in the past mankind could lean on other sources of support (besides the Lord) to get through their problems.  Not so anymore.....It is being made crystal clear to all of us that the systems man has created (all of them) either have failed us or are in the process of failing us day by day.  If mankind's systems were so great we would not have been instructed to pray this:

Matt 6:10

Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

If we want and need help, we are only going to get it from one source and that is the Lord God.  We were always supposed to draw on Him as our source of supply.  Now, people will be forced to go to Him or they will get steamrolled.  This is the whole point.  Mankind failed us, the Lord God told us all this from the beginning.  He was right all along and now we either get on His train or else....

We can do something about all of the trials and tribulations that face us.  We can fast and pray.  We can pray the promises back to the Lord our God who made them and watch in anticipation for our answers.  The Lord God said we can move mountains with our prayer and belief.  He was not kidding and it was not hyperbole.  We do not need to do anything special aside from doing what the Lord our God told us to do from the beginning.

It is time for all of us to get down on our knees and pray about everything, all the time.  Make a list to pray, add to the list as needed.  We have many needs.  As you pray, tell the Lord you are standing in agreement with every other believer who is praying for the same things you are.  That is what the military would call a force multiplier. :)

There used to be a day when all this stuff was "nice to know" but not "need to know".  Now its time to do the work we were put here to do.  We are here for a reason in this season.  The prayer, faith, belief has to be real or we will get rolled.  The time of playing religious games is over.  It is show time.   The first step to achieving a solution is accurately defining the problem.  After the problem has been well defined it can be attacked in detail.

The problem is, mankind screwed everything up trying to do things their own way.  The solution is we flush mankind's trash and do things the way the Lord Creator told us.  Problem solved. :)

Glory to God

Grace and peace